Increase your dominance online with our For Honor Bot. Owning your opponents has never been easier than with our private For Honor hack that lets you automatically counter your opponent’s attacks without breaking a sweat.

Best Features of our For Honor Bot

Our For Honor cheat includes many powerful features, and we’ll go into more detail on each one. When you activate the bot, any enabled features will automatically become active and help you in combat. You can imagine each feature as a ‘module’ of the bot that can be enabled or disabled based on what level of automation and assistance you want.

Auto Blocking Feature

With auto blocking, our For Honor bot will block each enemy attack, regardless of the direction. This feature works perfectly, blocking every attack as long as you haven’t already initiated an attack or other action yourself. With this feature, you can take nearly no damage from your opponent and stay alive for a long time even if you’re on the defensive. If you’re in a 2v2 or 4v4, this feature will keep you in the fight until your team-mates can come to help out.

For Honor Bot Screenshot

Auto Switch Attack Direction

With this feature of our bot for For Honor, it’ll smartly change your attack direction to counter your opponent’s current blocking. In this way, you can maximize your chance of getting a good hit, and keep your opponent on their toes with unpredictable strikes.

Auto Dodging

Some abilities in For Honor can’t be blocked. For many special abilities, the best way to avoid them is with a perfectly timed dodge. Our Auto Dodging will smartly dodge certain abilities that can be very deadly like unblockable attacks or charges.

Auto Guard Break Countering

Countering guard breaks is one of the more difficult things to do in For Honor, but missing a counter can enable an opponent to do a ton of damage while you are stunned. Our For Honor Bot will counter every guard break, not only shutting down your opponent’s attack but also enabling you to quickly counter with another attack or your own guard break!
For Honor Bot Guard Break Counter

Auto Guard Break Counter Attack

This handy feature will help you to do some guaranteed damage each time your opponent tries to guard break you, initiating a counter attack after their guard break is countered. You can do some quick damage this way, or if you have an advanced ability for your hero you’d rather use, you can opt to disable this feature.

For Honor Player ESP

With our For Honor Bot ESP, you can easily keep track of all enemy players in a 4v4 dominion match. This helps you avoid being flanked by your opponents, and also gives you the information you need to protect the control points on the map, letting you see when opponents are moving to take them and enabling you to get there first to defend!

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