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Thread: SoT Review

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    SoT Review

    Been using the cheat for several days. i can say that I'm satisfy with it so far. All features works great as intended.

    ESP - Really help to see any enemies whether player or AI that come to us or hiding.
    - Easier to find fortress key and other exposed/visible items. it would be great if dev can add ESP for buried treasure/items and lore books too.

    Weapon Aimbot - Work perfectly. Just don't make it obvious especially if player are deep in water and you are on your ship or at range which should be impossible to see them.
    Cannon Aimbot - It improve 60%+ of my hitrate. it's not perfect but is enough to have advantages especially in pvp with it. You can configure the settings itself to be more accurate since there are other factors that effect cannon aimbot itself but i'm too lazy to set it up and use the default which i find is good enough.

    Overall 10/10 from me for this cheat.

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    Thank you for the detailed review, glad to hear you like the SOT cheat

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    Nice testimonial, we appreciate it +3 days of bonus time are added to your membership.



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