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    Realm Royale Cheat

    Just wanted to say that I really enjoy the hack you guys have offered. This is my first purchase of you guys and so far after only playing 1 game I really enjoy it so far.

    AIMBOT 8/10 it is really accurate, You can hit them from miles away. It is not always accurate but 90% of the time it will hit. My aim is really whack so this definitely helps me.

    ESP 10/10 It does what has it has to do and what I like it that you will only see the boxes if the enemey is relatively close to you. I don't like it when you see 100 boxes of esp pop up at once, It makes you really confused.

    All in all I really enjoy it and thank you for offering RR/Paladins since you guys are now only one of a few websites that offers them.

    I see some people getting banned, Hope it doesn't happen to me since I got scammed already once ''Cough'' IWC ''Cough''.

    But for Now Thank You Guys For offering a wonderful Cheat

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    Thanks for leaving us a testimonial. Your subscription has been extended a bit.



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