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    Long term VIP member

    Hey yall,

    Boy o' boy, Idk where to start. I've been a paid subscriber to the VIP membership here at Wallhax for well over a year now.
    The main games I use my sub and the reason why I have been a reoccurring subscription here :
    - Ark Windows Store (so much fun and such good features)
    - Warframe (The best hax that you can find for this game) I'm MR 22
    - Sea of Thieves ( knowing where other player pirates are and being able to determine the value of the loot on their ship makes this all the more worth it )

    Those three games alone are going to have a major enhancement of your gaming experience when using Wall Hax's.
    Now the customer service here is always killer, super responsive, engaging and has always left me with a smile.
    This is a great community with great products/services. I've brought many friends here and they've been changed forever.
    Looking forward to the years to come as this community and services continue to expand and innovate.

    Thanks WallHax.

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    Thank you for being a member! I'm sure Slytiger will give you a just reward!

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    Uber testimonial, thanks so much Dat Pink. We hope to have you as a member for along time to come Added some extra time to your subscription for leaving us a glowing testimonial!



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