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    Fallout 76 Hack Review

    Hello everyone, i'd like to share my opinion with the Fallout 76 Hack.

    The hack comes with 4 types of modifications:

    1. 3D Radar
    - Show Friends - Enemies - Neutrals (works absolutely fine)
    - Show Vehicles (can't say what i does, didn't notice any effect)
    - Show Projectiles (for this particular option i can say, it's too crowded, i'd rather seee sub-categories like; container, weapons, herbs, plans, misc etc.)
    - Show Name - Distance - Health - Health Bar - Bounding Box (works like a charm)
    - Show Bones (for me it's not working properly, the bones are in wrong places)
    - Panic Key (this option hides all overlays for x time, which is a nice feature in itself, but for me rather useless)

    There are a few other options, which are working fine, but are not worth talking about in detail, like max player range etc.

    2. 2D Radar

    - Show Friends - Enemies - Neutrals (works as intended)
    - Show Vehicles - Window - Cross - Local (nothing to say about this)
    - Show Arrows - (this is absolutely useful in Nuclear Winter, it shows you, in which direction your enemy is looking. this way you can sneak around them)
    - Distance Scale and Game Scale (i can't tell the difference, but it zooms in or out your radar ^^)

    As well as above, there are a few options, which are good by default and not worth mentioning.

    3. Aimbot

    - Aim at Friends - Enemies - Neutrals (works very good and steady)
    - Auto Aim Targeting (here you can switch between: Distance - Field of View - Highest Treat - Lowest Health and First Entry. This works flawless)
    - Auto Aim Target (decide if you want to shoot at: Head - Neck - Body - Center or Foot. Alternatively you can choose between: Auto or Hit Scan. This is the only thing in addition to the "Show Bones Option of the 3D Radar" which is not working properly for me. If the Show Bones problem would be gone, than this would work perfect. The Aimbot itselfs hits perfectly, but because of the Bones option it misses many shots.)
    - Stick to Target (this option prevents the aimbot from switching targets, if a new targets enters range or field of view, works also very good.)
    - Switch Target (switches target, when your enemy is down or dead)
    - Ping - FPS- Bullet Speed and Bullet Drop Prediction (very good features, this addition makes the aimbot better than any other aimbot on the market)

    Other options are working as intended and doesn't need any further explanations.

    4. Interface

    - Show Watermark and Resolution (works fine for who ever is in need of these options)
    - Show Time (nice feature, works good)
    - Show Life (this option is so unfortunately misplaced. In Nuclear Winter it's exactly in the compass' spot, which makes the compass near useless. adjusting it a little heigher would make this overlay really useful)

    The rest works very good too.

    All in all, this Hack is an absolute recommendation. I dare to say, this is the best Fallout 76 Hack on the Internet.

    Have a good day!

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    Thank you for the very in-depth review!

    EDIT: An update to the F76 cheat has been made to address some of the issues you brought up; https://wallhax.com/forum/-vip-cheat...at-update.html

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    Appreciate the testimonial, I've extended your subscription for taking the time to write this.



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