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    Destiny 2 Cheat Testimonial.

    Allright, so Ive gotten this cheat about a month ago. And I must say there are a few things that can be improved with it. Right off the bat, the aimbot is a 10/10 in my opinion, due to the fact that it takes a bit too long to switch between targets that are far away, BUT, if it does so, it seems more natural, giving less suspicion to players, so overall the aimbot hits, yes, but at the same time it looks natural, really just helped me not flick my aim away from my target. Second is the crashes, and freezez. It happens more often than id like, meaning 8-9 crashes a day. I wish it could be fixed, but i know it takes time to actually look into it and update it, since theres (i think) much bigger games at the moment to be working on. Using the last word with this Cheat was an absolute blast. I targetted the neck since it kicks up a lil bit. Third is the auto targetting. I think in the future this will be fixed, but ive found that aiming at pve targets who's critical spot isnt at the head, the aimbot aims there anyways if its set. Ive found a workaround for this anyways, but just a notice. Overall, its not a cheat you want to be using to rage, its a cheat you want to use to go into games, kill people, and not raise suspicions at all, at least in my opinion. Devs, you did a great job, and i know theres more to look into other than destiny 2, but probably me and others will terribly appreciate it if you fixed a thing or two. GG.

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    Thank you very much for the detailed testimonial!

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    Thank you for writing this! I've extended your subscription a bit.



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