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Thread: Warframe Review

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    Warframe Review


    I have been a Wallhax customer on and off for various games for a while now. The statements reflected below are personal opinions and your experience may differ from mine. I prefer to "closet hack" and not make it blatant to the best of my abilities so keep that in mind when reading this review.

    There's not much to be said here, anyone with half a brain can use this loader. The UI is pretty standard and easy to use. The one thing that Wallhax has over many other providers is the console tab. Using console commands offers tons of customization and precise configuration of settings. This is one of my favorite features for sure.

    I have not even so much as tested this feature. As I said above, I prefer to hide the cheat. Deleting an entire room in seconds with a rifle doesn't look legit in anybody's eyes so I choose to not use this feature.

    2D/3D ESP:
    The visuals are quite impressive. You can customize to show everything from health points, distance, name, weapons, ect. You can even choose any color on the RGB spectrum for each entity! Personally I find the visuals extremely helpful when hunting synthesis targets or kuva lich larva.

    This is definitely the part of the cheat that most people are interested in. The console can be used to toggle and customize any feature the cheat has to offer using commands. This console is also how you activate and customize the damage modifiers and infinite ammo that I assume most of you are getting the cheat for. This is definitely the most powerful tool the cheat has to offer and will give you more than enough power to succeed in any mission you depart on. These are very risky features so use them at your own risk and try not to overuse them to reduce the chances of getting caught!

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    Great testimonial Ottobloking, thank you. I've added a bit of time to your membership.



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