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    Destiny 2 Testimonial (First Time Doing This)

    Destiny 2 Testimonial (First Time Doing This)-destiny-2-beyond-light-gamescom-3-jpg

    Different Features & Functionality


    The aimbot that WallHax provides for destiny 2 pvp is in my opinion simply amazing.
    It can be used in both pvp & pve, but I have never used it in pve.
    The aimbot is customizable to your preference of simply either being someone who wants the edge on the sweat lords of the game or
    someone who wants to completely dominate crucible with 100% headshot accuracy there is a way for everyone!
    It has helped me and my friends enjoy trials and made playing crucible much more fun for us.

    3D Radar & 2D Radar

    The knowledge of knowing your enemies every move and the health information that is given to you via the 3D radar is truly a game changer.
    Both radars can be used in pvp and pve but I have personally never used it in pve.
    The 3D radar offers bone view, distance view & much more.
    The only thing that I personally did not like was the 2D radar and
    that was primarily because I didn't like the placement of it and how it looked so for the most part it was turned off.
    (As of me writing this I do not know if you can move around the placement of the radar.)

    Warning System 10/10

    Warning system is amazing, it tells you when people are looking at you or when someone is shooting you.
    It helped me in many situations where I didn't know what direction
    Very good and unique never seen it on any other cheat system before,
    I am a major fan of it and like I said I think its unique to just WallHax.


    The menu is very easy to use and navigable, a lot of customization options as well can't complain.


    Unfortunately I don't have much to say about the console it looks to
    advanced for me but from other testimonials
    I heard its good if you know what your doing personally I never touched it in fear I break something.


    I am a big fan of this cheat service and this cheat in particular. Ever since the shut down of another cheat I was hesitant
    and wondering where I would go and so I researched a lot of cheats and ultimately it brought me back to this site the most.
    WallHax is amazing for the price it offers and the settings it has and I believe that a cheat's price is justified by what it offers
    Many of us I believe used to pay for a destiny hack with too much things and extra options that weren't for the target of casual users.
    WallHax changed that and I feel offered many of us exactly what we wanted which is a good and reliable aimbot with radar and nothing more.
    I strongly recommend purchasing if you haven't already because not only do you get this amazing destiny cheat but many more for a small vip membership, you would be foolish not to.

    Needless to say I will be with WallHax for many more years to come as I love their cheats.
    This is my first time ever writing a testimonial like this and with that being said I would love feedback on how I did.
    Be sure to look out for more testimonials by me on other cheats that WallHax has to offer!!

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    Thank you for the very in-depth testimonial. Great to hear that you are enjoying the cheat. Your membership has been extended as a way of saying thanks.



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