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    Destiny 2 testimonial

    Been trying this cheat in PvP ad Works really fine, I really like that I can active te the auto fire on or off.

    This cheat still let me miss some hits in order to appear more legal, what can I say, I wanna stay out of the report radar hahahaha.

    I must say that I tried an other cheat before this, but I'm settling with this one.

    The shots that however, if I want to make to the head or body on purpose are so precise that they are scary, in my clan I will already win the internal tournaments without problem.

    The only bad thin that o saw was that OBS does show the cheat and the other playeras location... So not for streaming, I do understand however that beyond light just recently launcher and it should be fix soon, so I really not need to rush on my streaming.

    Its not an expensive cheat for all that you Get. A purchase that I do not regret and without hesitation I will re-purchase when my subscription ends.

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    Thank you very much for the testimonial!

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    We appreciate you taking the time to leave us a testimonial. I have added some time to your subscription



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