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    Ark wallhax My honest review

    Ok guys/gals here is my honest review of wallhax review for ark.


    Let me tell you why, i am a solo player so its a rough life out there for me. I think the real value of the hack is the ability to see players/bases from distance. I use this for easy raids, knowing where the gen is or how many bullets are in turrets. Or when you see a dude on a mana flying around trolling you can use this to avoid him way better then without. It shows name of player, lvl , how many meters away and what weapon they have in hand. Amazing. Another great thing is the ability to find a dead body after kill. No more looking for minutes shows you right where.

    Oh something else that is great too is when you are looking for a dino to tame or harvest. Looking for a mantis for poly just use dino filter and boom only shows you mantis so easy to find and farm. Or maybe you looking for high level anky to tame but you are spending hours looking for one. Not anymore you can see lvl of them from far away, Just fly around real easy and find the perfect tame. This can also be used to find hidden look in a bask or pav , i gotten lucky a couple times now.

    The reason i purchased the hack and what i prob use the least is the aimbot, it works great for guns. Things that shoot a lil slower example crossbow it will not lead shots, which is understandable. the arrow flys so slow and with people running around with 200 percent movement speed thats kinda crazy thing to wish for. I took out a fab rifle and tried out in pvp and danggg bodies hit the floor, almost no time between shot and target so very high hit rate , You can also pick what body part you wanna shoot. Makes it nice so you can not always get headies or you know they are missing certain armor.

    So there you have it i think there is real value in the hack and definitely worth the money.


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    Thanks for leaving us a testimonial. Your subscription has been extended a bit.



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