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    ******* 2 Testimonial (PvE and PvP)

    After almost a month of playing and using this hack in every season of the game, I'm pretty sure I have a decent opinion about this software.

    In general, it's a impressive tool with a huge amount of different configurations, settings and in-game tools and that's a positive point. Nevertheless, for the first week, familiarizing with the settings and learning how to set up the best for you was very frustrating, primarily because there is no "tutorial" for the hack in ******* 2 so you need to practice in private sessions in order to understand the software.

    Another negative point is the frequent crashes of the game, obviously because of the hack. And of course... I tried everything written in the forums. Edit the process of D2 to be in "real-time", activate the Intel tool of Virtualization Technology, shutting down everything else in the PC, firewall and antivirus disabled, everything. And still... the game crashed. It's important to clarify that the game crashes in any situation indistinctly (for example, being in orbit, crucible, gambit, vanguard list, exploring any planet). In general, the game stops at least 2 times each session (1 crash every 3 hours of gameplay, as average).

    However, the software itself is very powerful and Iím very pleased with the EPS, aimbot, aim target, angle limit, slow aiming and mouse speed configurations because after hours of practice I managed to get the perfect setting for my gameplay in PvE (raids, NF, gambit) as in PvP (i got to 5500 glory in 2 weeks). I didnít use the 2D map but the 3D map and the aimbot are extremely useful tools. I have recommended this hack to very close friends (you know, just to be careful) and one of them recently bought the same suscripcion as mine (1 month) but I did tell him the constant problem this hack has with the crashes.

    In conclusion, I do recommend this hack, I would give an 8 out of 10, only because of the constant crashes.

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    Thank you very much for the detailed review. We understand the crashes are annoying, and we are constantly trying to minimize them.

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    Thank you for leaving a testimonial! Your membership has been extended as a way of saying thanks.



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