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    Mordhau - Testimonial

    The Mordhau cheat is the best cheat I've ever had. Before that I had tried many other providers but no other provider was so good as Wallhax's.


    Blockbot: The Blockbot works great but sometimes its a bit weird because it blocks faster than the sword arrives. That happens sometimes and not often, usually this happens when the opponent stretches back with the sword for a long time and tries to make long range with the sword. But all in all, its the best Blockbot you will get for the money.



    Radar's: I don't use the radars very often, but once I've used them they always worked and there was nothing wrong with them. So I can't say much about it, but it's a awesome feature if you need it.



    They are customizable and they looks good. I have nothing to complain about, everything can be adjusted.



    Inserting configs has always gone well so far, I have nothing to complain about. Easy to use and simple to use.


    Overall rating:


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