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Thread: Warframe Review

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    Warframe Review

    This is my second time purchasing these cheats. I will review my first month so far.
    -I not only boosted myself from MR 16 to MR 25 in 1 month, but I also was able to capture 300 trilodons, max my syndicates, and even complete most of the steel path nodes.
    -For normal gameplay on lvl 80 enemies I use a 2x multiplier but if they get more than 2 shot I slowly increase the damage modifier.
    -It is important to never get over 90% damage because even with an op frame like khora it's hard to pull off all the time.
    -The only thing I think would be awesome is if there were ESP for syndicate medallions or even possibly resource caches. There are also scannables in the game for the codex which could be useful for newer players so ESP could help.
    -The option to color different keywords would be awesome so I could possibly turn shield enemies to blue so I know to take them out first.
    -The hacks are easy to use and I love how I can inject midgame which is extremely convenient. I don't use aimbot much since I use the damage multiplier on melee to look more legit since melee is the current meta.
    -I really suggest players use this hack because it made me go from struggling in sorties and arbitrations to gearing up so much and farming plat so much faster that I now look legit on my account.
    -Nobody has ever questioned me so anyone who has experienced reports are most likely low mr and using weapons that aren't meta but are somehow out DPSing people with 6 forma weapons.
    All in all the esp is essential since I'm a fast frame so I basically can killsteal everyone in the team because I know where the enemies are spawning next. After using esp for a while, you get to understand how spawns work better than normal players relying on animal instinct mod to see enemies on the radar.
    You get to see the spawn points of enemies and which doorways they come from so you can essentially steal all the kills if you want.
    In conclusion these are extremely good hacks if you want to be able to compete in end game content without having to grind endlessly to build weapons that might be nerfed. With these hacks a simple slider can take away any nerf
    10/10 damage hack
    10/10 aimbot
    8/10 ESP (can be improved by letting us use keywords and item/resource cache esp)

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    We appreciate you taking the time to leave us a testimonial. I have added some time to your subscription



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