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    Post Destiny 2 - 1 Month Testimonial

    First of all, BEST FREAKING client I have ever used!

    I'm in love with this client!

    Easy to use and UNDETECTABLE!! (if you know what you're doing, DONT RAGE!)

    I have used some other clients before and never left a testimonial until now.

    You guys have the most easy to use and customizable client for D2.
    It makes my aim look like aim assist rather than a hard lock on enemy aimbot and that is thanks to the way we can customize everything.
    I have also used several of the settings some of you guys have left for us and just tweak it a little bit in case I need to hit some shots without missing and then go back to my regular "aim assist" settings.
    No one has had a suspicion of my gameplay, even tho I have been doing "better" than before lol.
    I try to not go all out and hit crazy impossible shots, even tho I can with just a ON/OFF toggle.
    That's the beauty of this client! I can be a casual player and then a total tryhard with just a tooggle without making it obvious! xD

    I'm definitely copping another 30 day sub as soon as my days are up.

    Quick tip that have helped me look legit:

    I used the .ini file from this post
    (shoutout to YyouloseE for the best settings on here)

    With this settings, you will need your own skills rather than the aimbot doing all the work for you, but if you need to hit those snipes without missing,
    switch the Slow Aiming OFF under the Aimbot Tab.
    That will lock on to the targets heads without missing. USE THIS FOR EMERGENCIES ONLY

    Anytime I see that I will lose to the enemy or that there is another cheater, I switch that OFF, then back on to finish the game.

    Hope this helps anyone out there, thank you!

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    Excellent detailed review! Glad to hear you are enjoying Destiny 2

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    Nice testimonial, we appreciate it +3 days of bonus time are added to your membership.



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