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    Badlanders and ******* 2: 2-in-1 Review

    Badlanders: I just recently returned to WH after stepping away from gaming for a bit, due to life. I always and I mean ALWAYS check wallhax's list to see if there are any new games worth playing. After logging in, the product page updated with the new Badlanders hack that is currently still in Alpha. Being the horrible chinesium stolen-asset "game" (PUBG assets with a different name.) that it is, the hack works wonderfully. The ESP and Aimbot features all work and I never experienced any crashes nor bans during my short time using it. I mention short due to the fact that it wasn't the product that sucked, it was the game. Full-on rage mode with Wallhax's Badlanders aimbot and esp was the only reason I put the game on a second monitor and let it sit through 3~ minute matchmaking. When I wasn't dumping 100% accurate magazines in to the heads of my opponents in-game, I'd die to 1 or 2 shots to the foot from the lag. There were no NA servers available though the game lists them. So if you plan on playing this game, all the working servers and players are from EU, SEA, and CN. Once again, the product whilst in alpha is amazing, the game.. not so much.

    ******* 2: Following the advice of Gokke as for a game to play, I downloaded ******* 2 and have been using Wallhax's aimbot and 3D Radar (ESP). All of the other features work as well. Using a semi-legitimate guide with a few personal tweaks, lcoated in the private VIP forum for the game, PvP has been a blast. I played ******* 1 and burned out as a legit player. When D2 rolled around, I never bothered. I haven't even finished the second campaign quest and have just been messing around in The Crucible/PvP modes. I swap between the aforementioned legit ini/configuration to keep the ban possibility down and playing one or two rounds completely legit without WHD2. Along with the config, there are specific settings in the VIP forum that block any crash reports from being sent to the developers. Smooth-Aiming keeps your mouse from snapping all around the screen, looking obvious as can be and the Kernel-Level Protection adds on to the security complex of Wallhax's more risky products.

    In conclusion, Wallhax has never let me down since I joined in 2016. I look forward to any new releases and to Sly giving me a *cough* lifetime membership *cough* for a two-in-one review. <3

    Take care as always,

    - Blue/bbz

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    Great testimonial, thank you Blue! We were pretty disappointed in Badlanders as well. Good to hear you are liking the ******* 2 cheat. I have added +3 days to your membership for taking the time to leave a testimonial.



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