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    Apex legends 7 day cheat pass

    I have started using wallhax cause I felt like I was dying so many times to people using cheats, but now with the esp from wallhax one can easily see that not all people who have killed you are cheaters, it puts things into perspective alot, I have used the aimbot quite a bit over the past few days but I only use the slow aim with a low setting which I recon doesnt look to suspicious ingame as I have not yet received a ban and my KDR whent up from 1.3 previous season to the new season now standing on 4.8KDR, but I have to say that I do try and keep it on the down low to not look too sus as I swith it off once I have downed two of a squad, I would then leave the last person for my team mates just to not do too gud, This is an excellent cheat and I will be using it for many seasons to come just for my ranked dive trails.

    Keep it Up brothers in arms

    +3 days just for a testimonial, what a bargain.

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    Glad you've enjoyed our software. It sounds like you are playing smart and making the most of the features I've added 3 extra days to your membership.



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