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    Hood Outlaws & Legends Honest Review

    Im been using this for 1 week and as i saw you cant buy a better cheat than this one. Because the game is released 2 weeks ago.

    ESP (4.0/5.0)
    The ESP is fine for the first release but there are some little issues.
    Like Ghost ESP's after you killed the enemies or you cant find the Sheriff because you see 2-3 Sheriff Esp's and there is only 1 Sheriff at the map.
    This is the only bug that i saw on the ESP. Everything else seems fine.
    I Also have some Suggestions about the ESP.

    1) Would be nice to have a Setting for the NPC ESP or a distance settings, where you can see only the closest NPC's.
    2) A Projectile ESP is a big need for a this kind of game. (Key, Chest and the Chest Gate ESP)
    3) Bone esp for easier Assasinations.

    Aimbot (4.7/5.0)
    The Aimbot is right now really good, you can also do your own settings with the console commands.
    The hit chance is arround %70 and you cant hit someone thats instant dodging. But that very normal because this game is not a FPS game and you are using arrow thats a bit prediction luck based.
    I thing there could be a little bit more work for the aimbot. I also released a video showcasing the aimbot.

    Security (5.0/5.0)

    I didnt saw any Ban reports yet. Thats really nice to see for a cheat thats "Use At Your Own Risk".

    1) The cheat is just very usefull when you use Robin or Marianne the other classes need also some love.
    Maybe a Autoblock, Infinity stamina, Infinity ulti, more damage like doing only headshots with meeles.

    2) Better ESP settings as i said above. (Bone ESP, Setting for NPC ESP)

    3) ESP for Keys, Chests and Safes.

    Thanks for reading my Review.
    Im excitedly waiting for the new updates.

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    The team appreciates you taking the time to leave us a testimonial. +3 bonus days have been added to your membership.

    There is ESP for the key and treasure BTW. Make sure you have projectile ESP enabled and the distance setting for it is maximized.



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