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    Destiny 2 - Came Back for More

    I had a trial for the hack and the past, I was so happy with how well it worked I grabbed a 30 day sub because of it. I'm about a week into my subscription and I genuinely couldn't be happier. I've used cheats from a few other vendors in the past so I have a good idea of spotting if something is working as intended or not. I don't use every single feature Wallhax offers but the ones I do use have worked great for PvP and lazy man PvE

    One of the nicest things is the amount of customization you can do within the GUI, multiple profiles with the ability to switch on the fly is one perfect example. I also have not noticed any sort of performance hit having the cheat running.

    The wallhacks themselves are great. They're accurate, include useful information such as health and if the opposing player is crouching. Easy to understand color differentiators also let you know if the person is behind cover, a wall etc so you're not pre firing. The aim hacks work pretty flawlessly. The amount of control over customization is great, you can fine tune most parameters you could think of so your shots look super clean or you could go full rage if you are that way inclined. The only thing i would really like to see is the ability to set hotkeys to different profiles to enable switching between presets. 2d Radar and the warning system work great and I can't really fault them. I've personally only used them a handful of times but they work great.

    I do use the hacks in PvE mainly just to farm nightfalls because im lazy. No real issues at all everything works as if you were using it in PvP. My only gripe would be that not all mobs are registered plus on some mobs if your aim is set to neck you could not be aiming at them at all. Honestly that's not a real issue in itself and definitely not a deal breaker, the fact it works in PvE is a nice bonus. I just set my aim to center and couldn't be happier.

    Honestly the devs here probably have the fastest turn around when it comes to pushing out updates after hotfixes. In some cases with other vendors I've had to wait days on end for an update with no word of what's going on. But with wallhax I've seen updates get pushed in as little as a few hours and they are more than happy to respond of the forums to let people know they are working on it.

    The hack works flawlessly, PvE works as a bonus, devs work hard to keep the cheat updated and its clean and super simple to use.

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    Thank you very much for the detailed review! Glad you are enjoying the D2 cheat

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    Wow -- what a testimonial! All that is great to hear and a testament to the job Gokke has done with the cheat itself as well as the cheat framework.

    I have added +3 days to your membership for leaving a testimonial



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