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    My Fallout 76 cheat review so far

    Ive been using this cheat for about 2 weeks now and that are my pros and contras about this software:

    First of all, the cheat works really well and the features are as advertised.
    The menu is easy to acces and understandable, tho it looks really "old" in my opinion and a new framework
    would be nice.

    The Aimbot is working as expected but some enemies break the aimbot (aimbot aims in air or at the wrong spot):
    -eye bots
    -mr handys

    Also a slider for the aimbot range would be better than a console command in my opinion.

    The Wallhack is working with no problems at all but doesnt render when new enemies spawn in right next to you.
    Add the option to make the boxes filled in the menu.


    -crashing a lot when loading in a new area
    -random crashes
    -rare crashes when going into a terminal
    -aimbot is aiming a little off the enemy when aiming from distance


    -no spread
    -silent aim
    -noclip (as seen in other software)
    -auto collect
    -exploits such as inf ammo or inf ap <--- dont know if thats serversided tho

    Overall a 7/10 because of the crashes and the few other issues.
    Solid cheat

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    Cheers for the testimonial. +3 bonus days are added to your membership.



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