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    Fallout 76 is Good!

    When it comes to playing Fallout 76, Wallhax really covers you well. I am not really played much with it but i am planning to do.
    Game has small playerbase but recent Bethesda migration to the Steam will boost that player base i am sure.
    There are not many providers for Fallout 76 and Wallhax didn't abandoned it and this is a wonderful thing.

    You can:
    -Add your own items in filter list, it takes a while to learn (it's for me atleast) it but it's HUGE help.
    You know farming certain things are takes a while, junks, special plants, chems, even bobblehead and magazines, you can add your farming items to the list easily.
    Beware; if you are using tag changing mods like adds [Chem] tag infront of item you need to type exactly it is seen on 3d projectile name; example [Chem] Stimpak

    -Aimbot doing it job beautiful, Fallout 76 doesn't really requires aimbot since it has VATS but it is surely welcome addition, like in camouflage daily ops it helps tremendously.
    (Still need no recoil and no spread and it will be masterpiece, devs pls )

    -3D esp and Radar helps when enemy mobs are spawning/respawning. It help's in events like Radiation Rumble (everyones favourite), you can stay at one place and see if ghouls are spawning right or left so you can tag them or kill them to gain exp just for yourself

    -Visibility checks are so good. I recommend customizing it. And again, it helps in camouflage daily mutation a lot. Sure you can use berry mentats or whatever but nothings like seeing enemy boss spawn 200m front of you and it is VISIBLE, means you can just shoot him, while your other teammates sadly looking for it.

    I am sure that in time there will be many more features but at this rate, money well spent.

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    Glad you've enjoyed our software. I've added 3 extra days to your membership.



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