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    Warframe/Titanfall2/Overall review

    I am an avid user of many trainers, injection services and the like. I've dabbled in a few services everywhere and I'd like to believe I'm able to critique one fairly. My initial impression of wallhax, and it a few of you may come to a similar conclusion, has a site that can cause wariness. Frankly, when I was looking for a few cheats here and there, I almost outright dismissed wallhax due to the website design solely because I felt it was a bit too click baity, and the range of titles contained games like warframe, something I had honestly never seen hacked in my life. A game I've placed hundreds of hours in, purely PVE, never once had I suspected anyone of anything weird and hence why I never considered the possibility it could be hacked. Thus the site kinda seemed weird to me at first.

    Well you'll be delighted to know the site, the service, and everything else, is legit and amazing. There's not even a complicated process to turning it on, it's quite simple. Load the game, load the hack, and bam you get stuff done better. It's simple, it has plenty of custom settings and it doesn't feel like I need to learn 10 pages of some coding helpbook to understand how to use it. Seriously, I honestly wonder why other services can't make things as easy as they do, it's not that hard is it? But whatever the case, they did it, they did impossible things I never knew possible, and they update things too. The catalogue isn't too big that they can't keep up, and isn't too small that you can only play a handful of stuff. It's the perfect sweet spot.

    Ill say this once and again, if you hesitate on getting it, try the trial service. Won't cost you more than a meal and it'll let you taste test everything they've got. And if you've got more to spend, and are an avid gamer, go for the long term subs. It'll save you money and you'll be treated right for a good long while. 10/10 I think Ill settle on this service as my final go to, looking forward to many more months, and years, of sweet sweet gaming.

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    That's a fantastic review, thank you for taking the time to write it! I'm happy to hear you are enjoying the overall service along with the cheats I've added 3 extra days to your membership.



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