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    VIP Trial Worth it?

    Hello everyone! Today is my first day using Wallhax.com and honestly, im surprised.
    First, i was like, im paying 5€... it cant be that good... right? i was wrong.
    Everything is working just fine, no Bluescreens, no crashes, no shit performance like some other providers have.
    I tested out most cheats in the Trial Package and they are great, something i also really like is that they all use the same menu, so no need to go through millions off tabs.

    Something i would like to change though is the Visuals, please make it its own tab. makes it easier to navigate and usuable for a first time user.
    Otherwise, will vouch for my friends buy since its an awesome cheat.

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    Thank you for the testimonial! Some additional time has been added to your membership as our way of saying thanks.

    We will take your feedback on board



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