I don't know this game, but for me "no cheat no game". So I decided to buy it and use it.

In the process of using completely smooth, no crash, no fps drop. Has a nice and clear interface. User-friendly menu and easy to use keys and binds.

Aim Settings
This feature supports Wallhax with many options. I don't normally use it but I will use it in "Showdown Mode" if my team is losing the edge.

*Note: Try to play legit. Don't rage, it will be very easy to be reported by other players when they watch the kill cam. Don't see your opponent through the wall. Limit use of aimbot and set low fov, high smooth. Splitgate staff they work very efficiently, they quickly process player reports.

Player Visuals/ESP
This is an important feature that I love in any FPS games. It is the perfect cheat experience. I feel satisfied with the default configuration. very nice!

Completely trust the security quality of Wallhax.

Great cheat overall, I would recommend if you paly this game. Just play legit don't rage.