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    Wink Ark Cheats Testimonial

    I really like these cheats because they are cheap, provide a simple UI, and are very effective for the cost. Being able to find level 150 dinos without searching for hours and being able to track down enemies in the dense forests with esp is game changing. Say what you will about cheating on a "dinosaur game" but it really provides such an improved experience. As for the aimbot, it can be ineffective at times because of the game mechanics and how buggy hit registry can be, but overall it is very solid and I can dominate one on one fights with relative ease. Also this cheat provides customizability and the ability to save settings and load them the next time you play. This helps users avoid the tedious minutes spent configuring when you could be ruling the server. Lastly, my experience with the staff members and Slytiger have been helpful, and quick because of the quick response time of the staff here.

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    Thank you for the testimonial! Some additional time has been added to your membership as our way of saying thanks.



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