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    Relax, and enjoy gaming with Wallhax (Infinite and Chivalry 2 review)

    For me, I wanted to employ Wallhax because some of my favorite games ended up having two major problems:

    1. other people were using cheats/glitches and making public-casual matches overly difficult, especially for players who use controller on PC (as opposed to keyboard and mouse), and

    2. Absolute sweats and tryhards who will stack teams/squads in their favor and go on pub stomps.

    But thanks to Wallhax, I can now enjoy these games much more, since you play on a more even level with the sweats and others using cheats.

    No, you won't win every match, and your team might not be good, and you will still get bodied sometimes, but the lack of as much stress and sweat as before makes it all worth it.

    You can also do well enough to get people wanting to add you and play on the team you're on...

    Maybe the real wallhax were the friends we made along the way...

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    Thank you for writing this! I've extended your memberships by +3 days.



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