So I have been using the cheat for a day now, although it may seem like a short amount of time I believe I have seen everything to make a testimonial. The cheat is amazing mainly the cannon prediction really tops it. The cannon prediction will ensure you will win every battle you come into, yesterday I went Repears and sunk over 10 Ships as a grade 5, it is truly amazing. The ESP Is good you can see clearly any ships in the distance and treasure that is in the water or normally a place where you wouldn't be able to find it. For anyone looking to buy it is worth the money especially if you have troubles by yourself or with the game in general because we all know we have those players who play non stop every day.

Potential Suggestions
-X Marks
-Selected treasure ESP so you can toggle what treasure you want on or off
-Selected Animal ESP (For those who do Merchant Alliance)
I have seen these features been used in a free cheat and would really like to see them implemented into this cheat.

This cheat ticks all the boxes if you're tired of being killed every 2 seconds and also if you want to make some good money. I would recommend buying 100% It offers a decent amount of features you couldn't find anywhere else and I look forward to any future updates they bring out. My advice is when using this cheat stay clear of the aimbot it isn't bad but using aimbot is a ticket to get you banned quickly, solely using ESP Will not get you banned mainly because it's so hard to tell if someone is using ESP Or not, I have been using cheats on SoT For over a month and I have had no issues when it comes to ESP. So to top this Review off it is worth the buy and is filled with features that will help you play the game as a god.

Thanks for reading, hope this helps you with your purchase.