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    Dark and Darker honest review

    I over exaggerate if i say cheat is partially done it's a lot to be done for it at this stage.

    ESP 2/10 it's really bad when it comes to esp even after you completely configure it you will only see numbers on screen or names that have nothing to do with the dark and darker items probably comes from other game
    AIM 7/10 it get the job done you will hit 2/10 or 3/10 moving targets but sometimes it get bugged and wont aim at anything anymore unless you restart the game.

    Menu is a complete mess you got some options about vehicles i have no idea what that do to be honest it's not user friendly at all.

    As i said it's a lot to be done for this cheat, this cheat have potential it's just need a lot of work to be made at least usable, and i would advice on getting esp done because right now it's a pixel soup on the screen you can't see nothing because of it and even if you work 1-2 hours to configure it then you still won't understand what you are looking for because you will only see numbers or weird names that have nothing to do with the game at all.

    I hope devs will pay more time for this cheat at this point i will consider this 20 CAD a donation because cheat is pretty much unusable compared with what i had before when it comes to ESP, BUTTT on the other hand when it comes to aim wallhax always offer something better, even for dark and darker aim is more then you will ever find on other providers..

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    Thank you for the honest review, D&D cheat is currently under development and we will make sure to fix some of the things you mention.

    If possible please shoot me a Private Message regarding the menu, and how to make it more user friendly.



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