Dominate With A Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Triggerbot (2023)

Rank up fast and win matches without looking like a blatant cheater with this game-changing cheat for CSGO.

What is a Triggerbot?

A triggerbot automatically fires at any enemies or opponents in a designated radius. It is a program installed on the computer, which can be programmed to automatically shoot the opponent. It can also be programmed to activate at designated intervals of time.

In CSGO, triggerbots let you dominate any match, especially when you play against a player who does not have one. It is easy to see this on your screen. The triggerbot will aim at enemies and shoot them at an incredibly fast rate, while you do not have to lift a finger.

Why Use Triggerbots?

  • Less obvious than aimbotting
  • Play in Ranked Mode and top the scoreboard
  • Shoot with lightning fast reaction time
  • Fun to use but keeps the game interesting
  • Works well alongside Radar, Wallhack, or ESP cheats
  • Often included with other helpful game cheats.

With this cheat you can go from a noob to a pro in no time - at the expense of your opponents.

Unlike an aimbot, a triggerbot doesn't aim for you, your crosshair has to be close to your enemies for the triggerbot to be able to fire. This is the reason why this cheat can sometimes be spotted by experienced CSGO players. If you aren't very good, a more experienced player may notice that you aren't aiming very well, but you always hit the enemy when your crosshair happens to move over them.

How Does This Cheat Work?

The best way to explain it is with an example. Let's say you are holding a rifle, and you see an enemy across the map. With a triggerbot, you will automatically shoot at this enemy with your rifle.

But let's say that there is a wall between you. If the bot is designed to detect that it can hit an opponent by firing through an object, it will not wait for this wall to disappear. Rather, it will shoot through the wall and hit its target.

How To Win Every CSGO Match With A Triggerbot

To do best with a triggerbot, you always want to be sure that your enemies are within your triggerbot's designated range. To do this, you have to be sure that the enemy is close enough to your crosshair, so it'll register with the hack and fire for you automatically.

If you are camping an objective, keep your guns oriented to a position that your enemies will have to cross, so when they come into your crosshair, it will automatically fire for you.

A triggerbot can be very helpful in hostage rescue maps like dust2, where you have to defend the hostages from the terrorists attacking them.

Try to aim at an opponent's legs/arms to make it easier for your triggerbot to shoot them. When an opponent runs towards you, the cheat can automatically shoot at their feet/shoulders depending on if they are aiming at you. For headshots, you will have to physically aim your crosshair at their head for the cheat to be able to fire. If an opponent jumps, aim at their feet so it'll fire at them as soon as they land.

A no recoil cheat makes a triggerbot even more deadly as you don't have to worry about recoil or any other factors that can make your gun inaccurate.

Is It Safe To Cheat With A Triggerbot?

It's hard for other players to tell that someone is using a triggerbot unless you're using it on a server where everybody knows each other well, or you're playing in a room with other people where they can actually watch your screen.

If your skill improves too much, people who are experienced at looking for cheaters using triggerbots may suspect getting killed by a triggerbot; so it could lead to accusations of cheating.

As long as the cheat is not detected, it is safe to use this feature. A triggerbot can be used in CSGO ladder matches, league matches, and competitive game modes without issue. At higher ranks, other players can be playing completely legitimately but have response time similar to that of this cheat feature.

Why Use This Hack In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive?

If you want to rank up in CSGO it can be useful to use a triggerbot.  There are two multiplayer ranking systems, one is a competitive rank and the other is the casual rank. The competitive rank requires you to play on a competitive CSGO server to rank up.

It can be a lot of fun to play on a competitive server, but it can be hard to get the right circumstances for a good gaming experience. In the casual ranking mode, you don't have to worry about getting flagged for cheats, so you can even aimbot if you want.

Unlike an aimbot, a triggerbot can make for a more realistic playing experience. You'll still have to aim and think tactically in the match, so the game stays interesting. You can get the advantages of cheating and not get banned, which is a big plus.

This feature can also be used alongside ESP. The ESP can help you find players that are hiding, so you can take them out before they get the drop on you. Your ESP will also show you where teammates are, so it's not just used to spot enemies.

Where Can I Find Triggerbot Programs?

Triggerbot cheats are downloadable and can be found easily on various websites. Some triggerbots can be purchased with a monthly subscription for small add-ons like more customizations. Other CSGO hack features can include the Aimbot, Auto Pistol script, Bunnyhop script, and Autostrafe script. At Wallhax we include a triggerbot in our private CSGO cheat, along with our glow hack, no recoil cheat, ESP, aimbot and other features.


Triggerbots help you pump up your K:D ratio and win more matches, helping you increase your rankings without necessarily making it obvious that you're cheating. If you're interested in our private cheat including our triggerbot feature, visit our features page to learn more!