Note: 'Higher Risk' is a general status we use for titles with more aggressive anti-cheat (e.g; EAC or BE). This status is to reflect the higher risk of cheating in these titles due to the anti-cheat used.

Name Status
Among Us (Steam)Undetected
Among Us (Windows Store)Undetected
Apex LegendsHigher Risk
ARK: Survival Evolved (Steam Non-BE)Undetected
ARK: Survival Evolved (Windows Store)Undetected
Back 4 BloodHigher Risk
Badlanders (32-bit)Undetected
Badlanders (In Development) (64-bit)Undetected
BattleBit RemasteredUndetected
Battlefield 1Undetected
Battlefield 5Undetected
Call of Duty: WWIIUndetected
Chivalry 2Undetected
Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveUndetected
Dead by Daylight (Steam)Higher Risk
Fallout 76Undetected
Garry's Mod (64-bit)Undetected
Gears of War 4Undetected
Halo InfiniteUndetected
Halo Infinite (Test)Undetected
Knives Out (China)Undetected
Knives Out (NA/EU/Int - DirectX 11)Undetected
Knives Out (NA/EU/Int - DirectX 9)Undetected
Mass Effect AndromedaUndetected
Rules of SurvivalUndetected
Sea of Thieves (Steam)Undetected
Sea of Thieves (Windows Store)Undetected
Star Wars BattlefrontUndetected
Star Wars Battlefront IIUndetected
Titanfall 2Undetected