Note: 'Higher Risk' is a general status we use for titles with more aggressive anti-cheat (e.g; EAC or BE). This status is to reflect the higher risk of cheating in these titles due to the anti-cheat used.

Name Status
Among UsUndetected
Apex LegendsHigher Risk
ARK: Survival Evolved (Steam Non-BE)Undetected
ARK: Survival Evolved (Windows Store)Undetected
BadLanders (Cheat Alpha)Undetected
Battlefield 1Undetected
Battlefield 5Undetected
Call of Duty: WWIIUndetected
Chivalry 2Higher Risk
Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveUndetected
Dead by Daylight (Steam)Higher Risk
Destiny 2Undetected
Fallout 76Undetected
Garry's Mod (64-bit)Undetected
Gears of War 4Higher Risk
Grand Theft Auto V (Rockstar/Steam)Undetected
Hood: Outlaws & LegendsHigher Risk
Knives Out (China)Undetected
Knives Out (NA/EU/Int - DirectX 11)Undetected
Knives Out (NA/EU/Int - DirectX 9)Undetected
Mass Effect AndromedaUndetected
PUBG LiteHigher Risk
Quake ChampionsUndetected
Rules of SurvivalUndetected
Sea of Thieves (Steam)Undetected
Sea of Thieves (Windows Store)Undetected
Star Wars BattlefrontUndetected
Star Wars Battlefront IIUndetected
Titanfall 2Undetected
World of WarshipsUndetected