Want to create videos for Wallhax?

We’re looking for motivated video creators to show off the power of Wallhax software!

Do you have an interest or experience making gameplay videos showing your online gameplay? At Wallhax we are always on the lookout for community members who want to create videos showing our cheats in action and share them on Youtube.

Any subscriber at Wallhax is welcome to record and upload videos showcasing our cheats to our Video Media forum, where they can be viewed by the entire Wallhax community! Assuming you put some work into your video we nearly always credit video creators with additional subscription time as a way of saying thanks for the effort they’ve put into creating a video of our products.

If you’ve submitted videos to us, you can also apply for the Video Team, which is a special group where our most experienced and dedicated video creators regularly produce new video productions and receive full access to all of Wallhax’s cheats.

Want to Join the Video Team?

If you’d like to regularly make videos for Wallhax, the Video Team might be perfect for you! As a member of the Video Team you get a special forum rank, and full access to every cheat available on Wallhax. You’ll also get to show off your skills when you post your videos in our Video Media section for the entire community to view.

If you would like to join our Video Team, you have to have first made at least one video for Wallhax and posted it on the site. Also, keep in mind we expect you to remain active while on the Video Team, to continue to make videos over time.

 Wallhax Video Team Perks

  • Exclusive Video Team rank
  • Full access to all Wallhax cheats
  • Full Wallhax Forum Access

Want to apply?


  • You must have an active subscription when applying.
  • You must have a PC capable of running all of our products without issues
  • Some experience recording game footage, and editing videos (the more, the better)
  • You have made at least one video for us. We regularly credit video makers with added subscription time, so your efforts will not be wasted.
  • You need a Youtube account to upload videos to.
  • We require a commitment to the position for a significant amount of time. If you’re only thinking of making a couple of videos for one game, please do not apply.
  • We’re looking for approximately 1 or more videos a month.

Create Your Application

Please login to your wallhax forum account and create an application here.

  • Thread Title: Video Team Application
  • Your age:
  • Previous Experience:
  • Previous cheat videos you have made, and/or wallhax videos (must include at least one link):
  • Tell us a bit about yourself:
  • Why should we accept you?
  • OPTIONAL: Anything else you wish to add.