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    Cool Destiny 2+ Testimonial

    First, I want to preface that with anything new there is always a learning curve. If you are having troubles figuring out the setup check the forums and ask. There is a great set of admins here that are willing to respond and point you in the right direction to get your issues resolved. I was having some crashing issues and got everything fixed with their help.

    Second, I am a disabled gamer. I have had multiple eye surgeries but my vision is only around 20% and colorblind. I used Perfect Aim prior to Walhax for the brighter and larger cross hair as well as the bounding box. The visual difference helps me be an average gamer and enjoy my time in game and I want to thank everyone involved with the program.

    These are my personal views on the program
    Launching and injecting the program is simple and easy and the forum has well thought out instructions.
    The aesthetic is clean and simple dark themed. Love it.
    The recent update with the arrow function to scroll down and up in features is a great addition to the layout.
    Some of the aiming features when testing it can be jerky and jarring. With a little tuning you can smooth everything out if you use that.
    The visual information given on screen is my go to features, being nearly blind, being able to adjust text colors and size is awesome.

    I do not use the 2d radar because it feels bulky and blocks too much on screen.
    -This may be my lack of playing with the settings to figure it out.
    -My recommendation is to not make it square but circle and be able to adjust and place it over the in game radar (if this is possible already please let me know! )

    9/10 because nothing is perfect but Wallhax is a great multihack.

    Playtesting the CS:GO and Doom features too...so far those are great as well.

    Keep up the great work!

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    Thank you very much for the detailed review!

    Perhaps setting the 2D Radar up like this; https://wallhax.com/forum/private-di...utorial-2.html would provide you with better visibility?

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    Thanks for the testimonial! I've extended your membership a bit



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