Imagine you purchase Battlefield 1 and install it on your PC. You log in and start playing, but realize the weapons and unlocks you want are 30 or 40 ranks away. At your current speed, it could take you days or weeks to get them, and you’ll be stuck with a mediocre loadout until then. What do you do? Our BF1 Cheat can help.

Wallhax’s hack for Battlefield 1 will help you to rush through the rankings, earning 2-4 times more score and experience than you ever made before, letting you shoot up the ranks and unlock more weapons, gear, and Battlepacks to fit out your soldier.

With Wallhax’s Battlefield 1 cheat, it’ll make your gameplay easier than ever before, and let us tell you why:

See Every Player with our BF1 Cheat

With the ‘Enhanced Sensory Perception’ Battlefield 1 cheat, you’ll be able to see every other person in the game world at all times. These can be foot soldiers as well as vehicles, which let you know exactly where your opposition is at all times. Seeing through walls is simply not possible without a cheat. Even with the in-game ‘spotting’ system in Battlefield 1, you’ll only be able to see a few other opponents or vehicles at any given time.

If you want to gain more points and kills in the match, this cheat is critical and will enable you to get kills without dying, which means you’ll be spending more time looking at the map while you wait to get back into the action.

Be patient when you start using this cheat. You might be tempted to run out after every player you see with the Battlefield 1 cheat. Take your time and be sure to wait for the right moment to strike. Also, pay attention to every opponent, whether they’re off in the distance or nearby. Anyone with a long-range rifle can end your life quickly if you aren’t careful.

Get Kill after Kill with our Aimbot

If you’re used to the Call of Duty franchise or even previous Battlefield games, you may be surprised how difficult it can be to use some guns in Battlefield 1. The World War 1 weapons were not nearly as easy to use as today’s weapons, and that means that in Battlefield 1 you will find guns with more recoil, lower accuracy, and even fewer bullets per magazine than you may be used to.

For that reason, it’s understandable if you have difficulty killing opponents in in Battlefield. That’s where our BF1 cheat comes into play.

With Wallhax’s BF1 aimbot, you can make your weapon automatically aim at your enemies, letting you unload into them and take them out. This software is much better at using your gun than most real humans are, as it can understand the code and information in the game directly.

All you have to do is press a key to lock on to an opponent and take them out!

Simple to use BF1 Cheat

You might be thinking that using a cheat or hack in Battlefield 1 would be difficult, that you’ll have to edit files in notepad or spend hours troubleshooting your computer. You won’t have to waste any time with Wallhax.

Our cheat for Battlefield 1 is incredibly simple to use, and can be as easy as downloading an application on your computer, logging in with your account, and clicking a button to load your cheat!

With a simple game menu, you can configure every feature and option easily with your mouse, whether it’s the aimbot or ESP. After you’ve decided on the right configuration, just save them for next time!

We update our software regularly with bug fixes and new feature additions. We keep our hacks updated for the latest version of the game you’re playing, so you’re nearly always ready to go and start playing at any time. Furthermore, you can get access to our private forum with cheat guides and an entire community of other users who you can share tips with or get help from if needed.

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