Frequently Asked Questions

Our most commonly asked questions from new Wallhax community members.

Common Cheat Software Questions

Do you have free hacks?

No, Wallhax is a paid-only service.

Wallhax offers subscriptions to access our cheats, so we do not offer any free hacks or cheats. Our sales enables our team to devote their time to developing our cheats and all aspects of the software, as well as dedicating time to providing support if you ever run into problems.

A 3-day VIP trial is available with some purchase methods so that you can try our cheats with minimal commitment.

Why should I purchase cheats from you?

Wallhax has been in business since 2014, but prior to that our team already had combined decades of experience developing cheats. Our products benefit from the knowledge of our team in their features, polish, and security. That includes powerful, game changing features, our sleek and modular cheat framework, and our knowledge of how to work around or bypass the leading anti-cheat solutions.

Unlike public cheats, our software is only available to subscribers, a very small number of people compared to freely available cheats, or even the biggest cheat sites. Thusly, our software is a difficult target for anti-cheat companies.

Furthermore, we dedicated many of our resources to securing our software, whether it's ensuring our launcher loads your cheats securely, or adding new measures to our cheats themselves to avoid anti-cheat systems.

Does your software contain viruses or spyware?

No, our software is virus/spyware free.

We strongly recommend you be careful with what software you install on your computer. We offer paid software with a development team, and have spent thousands of hours developing our website, forum and software. We sell subscriptions though numerous well known payment gateways, which would not support any large scamming operation.

Want more? See hundreds of community created videos showcasing our cheats on our cheat feed, or read tens of pages of testimonials from our ever-growing member base.

When it comes to infected programs, these are spread freely on many websites like youtube, public forums, and filesharing hosts in order to maximize their downloads. This is much more effective than selling a paid cheat that only a small portion of website visitors will opt to purchase.

Can I use more than one PC with your software?

One PC at a time is supported, but we have a system to enable moving the cheat client to a new PC.

Our authentication system uses an HWID (hardware ID) system that generates an HWID for your individual PC's hardware and operating system, and binds your account to that. This means you can access your cheat only on the PC it is bound to, though IP makes no difference (for those with dynamic IPS, or who travel).

When you load the Wallhax client on a new PC, one of your available HWID resets will automatically be deducted from your account. An additional HWID reset is automatically added every 24 hours up to a maximum of 3. This prevents the client from being used on many PCs within a short period of time.

We only support one PC per wallhax account, so this system allows for occasional resets such as new hardware, operating system reformats, or a vacation where you take your laptop instead of your regular PC.

Can I be banned from a game for using your software?

Yes, there is always a risk of being banned for cheating, no matter the cheat.

Cheats are almost always disallowed in online games, so your account is always at risk of being disabled. While our cheats are updated to be undetected by games or the anti-cheat systems they use, our cheats are also not undetectable, meaning they can be detected when a game developer or anti-cheat provider makes a very concerted effort to find them.

While our cheats have a very good record against anti-cheat providers, you are never 100% safe when cheating, and should not use a cheat with any game account you cannot afford to lose.

More recently, companies have begun implementing systems like Fairfight into their game, which uses server statistics analysis to find probable cheaters. Unfortunately there is no perfect way to protect against this kind of tracking, as it uses basic information like kills, deaths, accuracy, score, and other metrics to determine how likely you are to be a cheater.

We cannot protect you entirely against this system, but our cheats have features that make it easier to avoid detection, along with resources we provide to our subscribers on how to avoid being banned.

Have you created your free Wallhax account yet?

Billing & Payment

What is your refund policy?

View our refund policy for more information on our policies.

How do I purchase and get my download?

If you don't already have an account, you'll need one in order to purchase. You can create an account here. This is the account you will use to access the cheat later.

Once you have created your account and logged in, you can use this page to choose a subscription to purchase

If you use a payment method with no processing delay, after your purchase, your account will be upgraded to a subscriber, and you will have full access to all private forums. From that point you can easily find the cheat launcher download on the forum index to download the cheat launcher and login to load your cheat.

All of our cheats are loaded via our cheat client for safe injection, so you will need this software to access your cheat(s). 

What payment methods do you offer?

We offer a wide range of payment options including credit card processing, bitcoin and cryptocurrency, bank transfers, gift cards, and a large number of other payment processors for areas of Europe and Latin America, China and others. See our available purchase options when choosing a subscription after logging in here.

Does my membership renew automatically?

None of our subscriptions recur automatically, they will expire and you can purchase again at your leisure.

More questions? Ask us!

Create a new topic on our pre-sales forum and members of the Wallhax team and community will get back to you!

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