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Conquer The Depths With Game-Breaking
Dark And Darker Hacks

Win Every Match

Track the location of every other player and monster in the game. Easily eliminate opponents for their items with the help of our deadly bone Aimbot, 3D ESP and 2D Radar

Level Up Fast

Dominate in every round you play using the ESP to avoid or strategically kill monsters, and set up traps for other players. Level up faster than ever with more kills to speed up unlocking class abilities.

Get Loot

See who or what is guarding every treasure room. Hunt down undergeared players and escape to level up fast and unlock the most broken abilities.

 Loaded With Game-Changing Hacks 

Deadly Bone Aimbot

  • Custom Activation Key
  • Field Of View
  • Auto Fire
  • Smooth Aiming
  • Ping Prediction
  • Stick To Target Option
  • Target Switching Option
  • Target Control System
  • Custom Targeting Priority
  • Auto Aiming Controls
  • Bone Prioritization System
  • FPS Prediction
  • Bullet Speed Prediction
  • Bullet Drop Prediction
  • Aimbot Lock-On Indicator
  • Customize Lock Color/Type

3D ESP Features

  • 3D Player ESP
  • 3D Box ESP
  • Custom ESP Box Types
  • Health/Armor ESP
  • Monster ESP
  • Bone ESP
  • Name ESP
  • Character Life Bar
  • Distance ESP
  • Head Dot ESP
  • Trap ESP
  • Secret Door ESP
  • Line ESP
  • Custom ESP Colors
  • Customize ESP Range
  • ESP Distance Fading
  • Traceline ESP

2D Radar

  • Radar Names/Health/Distance
  • Display FOV
  • Show Enemies/Friendlies
  • Show Projectiles & Vehicles
  • Radar Elevation Indicator
  • Resize & Move Radar
  • Toggle Background
  • Customize Distance Scaling

Wallhax Enhanced

  • Panic Mode (Hide Cheat)
  • Secure Wallhax Client
  • Cloud Cheat Streaming
  • Easy In-Game Menu
  • Simple To Follow Guides
  • Save/Load Custom Configs
  • Advanced Command Console
  • VIP Support Forum Access
  • DirectX 12 Required
  • Windows 10/11 Compatible

powered by the wallhax cheat framework

Get Access to 40+ Features With Dark & Darker Cheat Access!

Download Powerful Dark & Darker Cheats

Hunt down your opponents with our 3D Player ESP in every round you play, and eliminate them with the help of our lock-on bone aimbot, taking their best items to add to your quickly growing stash. Clean the map of valuables with the help of our Item ESP showing you valuable items without needing to explore every crevice and cranny. Stay safe and monitor your surroundings at all times with our always-visible 360° 2D Radar.

Deadly Bone Aimbot

Make sure every bow-shot or melee attack connects with the help of our lock-on aimbot. Snipe unsuspecting players from the darkness, or get up close and personal with a mace to their face while our aimbot does the hard work, ensuring your attacks are on point.

While combat in Dark & Darker is often slow paced, when you find yourself surrounded by monsters or in a melee with multiple players being able to keep your aim locked to one target can help you avoid costly misses that could be the difference between eliminating an opponent or risking taking lethal damage yourself. 

With our aimbot you can use the optimized out-of-the-box settings that are built in, or tweak every setting from setting a custom key to activate it, to configuring how large an area it will check for targets within on your screen, or how fast it will snap to a target.

 Visual 3D ESP

Hunting down or avoiding other players is easier than ever before with our feature-packed 3D ESP. Forget crouching in corners, listening for the cues of another player's footsteps or the tell-tale glow of their torch. Now you can see exactly where other players are, including where they're looking with traceline ESP, and how much health they have with healthbar ESP.

With our ESP, you can now explore the map confidently, seeing which rooms have monsters lying in wait, and where your opponents are, whether they're together in a group, off alone, or vulnerable while actively fighting off a horde of enemies. Take advantage of this knowledge to find the easiest loot, or lay a trap for an opponent where they'll least be prepared for it.

Every ESP option can be enabled, disabled, or tweaked through our D&D cheat's in-game menu. Change box types, enable ESP shadowing, change font size or enable filters and much more. While everything is ready to go with default settings out of the box, there's plenty to customize should you wish to customize the options to your own preference.

360° 2D Radar Hacks

While those earlier features may sound fancy, don't sleep on our 2D Radar cheat. This feature can come in clutch as you explore each map, showing you at a glance where monsters, loot, and more importantly, other players are in reference to your position. Dark & Darker can be an intense game, and it's easy to get focused on clearing a room of enemies, or making your way to a low-health opponent in the next room.

2D Radar ensures you never get surprised with someone coming up behind you without your knowledge. It's like a mini-map that shows the locations of all players an enemies around you, which can be clutch to avoid getting flanked by another player or group.

We make it easy to ensure the 2D Radar is useful while remaining as unobtrusive as possible. It can be freely resized, or scaled, so you can make it or the icons as big or small as you like. You can even remove the background to ensure it doesn't block your view of anything in-game, while still representing the locations of others in reference to your position.

Rule The Depths With Our Dark and Darker Cheats!

Cheat Memberships Include:

  • Our feature-packed Dark and Darker hack
  • Our dedicated cheat launcher software
  • Private subscriber-only forum access.
  • Cheat guides to get you started in minutes
  • Upgrade to VIP for access to 20+ Additional Private Cheats

Create your Wallhax account now to unlock free forum access or sign up for a Dark and Darker Cheat or VIP Membership.

New Dark & Darker Hacks (2024)

Rule the depths with the help of a deadly aimbot, 3D ESP wallhack, Radar cheats and much more..

how to cheat in dark and darker screenshot

Dominate every match you play of Dark and Darker, top the leaderboards, and acquire tons of epic loot as you take out other players and even entire squads with game-changing features like a deadly bone aimbot, fully revealing 3D ESP and devious 2D Radar cheats.

Want to get the maximum advantage in Dark and Darker?

When you're dungeon crawling against deadly creatures and groups of players alike, you'll need every advantage to get your loot, EXP, and make it out alive without getting ganged up on by groups of sweaty try-hards or finding yourself face to face with a skeleton casting a fireball to one-shot you.

Even the playing-field with game-changing cheats that ensure every attack connects, along with wallhacks that let you find treasure, track opponents, and see exactly where enemies are.

As our cheats are now available with the early access release of the game, you can start dominating and building up your hoard of loot!

Best Upcoming Dark and Darker Cheats

  • Aimbot - Melee Attack & Ranged Lock-On
  • See Every Monster Position With Creature ESP
  • Hunt Or Avoid Player Teams With 3D Player ESP
  • Find Treasures & Loot With Item ESP
  • 2D Radar To Keep Track Of Opponent's Map Positions
  • Easy-To-Use In-Game Menu For Configuring Cheats

How To Dominate In Dark & Darker With Cheats

Are you tired of losing in Dark & Darker, whether it's to bugs, lag, bad luck, or sweaty tri-hards no-lifing the game? Do you want to dominate every match and come out on top? If so, you're in luck! With cheats, you can gain the upper hand in every game and watch your enemies crumble, while you loot their corpses of all their gear and items they collected.

First, get the advantage by accumulating the best weapons and gear. Half the battle is being able to deliver enough damage to cleave through an opponent's armor, or being able to take a couple of hits while dishing out damage yourself. Having a good set of blue or purple armor will set you up for success, ensuring even if you don't get the drop on someone else you should still be able to come out on top.

If you're starting out without much gear, with the help of ESP features you can easily survive through some initial matches either avoiding teams of players or picking off opponents when they're unprepared or don't know you're nearby. A ranger class for example can be a good choice once you have a decent bow for getting headshots on other players with the aimbot and ESP even if you normally couldn't see them due to the darkness.

  • Get the advantage by accumulating the best weapons and gear.
  • Use ESP to monitor the match and control opponents' movement around the game map.
  • Team up with other cheat users in the community to decimate even the toughest opposing teams.
  • Use Wallhacks and 2D Radar to outmaneuver and surprise opponents.

Next, to dominate your matches, you should use ESP to monitor the match and control opponents' movement around the game map. With ESP, you'll be able to see through walls, giving you a tactical advantage over your opponents. This is like having a sixth sense in the game, allowing you to predict your opponents' moves before they make them. As you learn the map, you can set up in positions where you know an opponent will be coming and can set up to take them out. Another option would be to find a room filled with monsters, wait until an opponent is inside and becomes overwhelmed, and then finish them off.

Another way to dominate in Dark & Darker is by teaming up with other cheat users in the community. When you join forces with others, you'll have an unstoppable force to decimate even the toughest opposing teams. This is like having a superhero team, each player with their unique abilities, working together to achieve a common goal. Since you'll often run into teams of players in Dark and Darker, having your own group can be useful if you're taking on high-roller maps. In these maps, teams will be quite common as people don't want to lose their hard-earned items and want to minimize their risk.

When playing in a team with cheaters you'll be able to set up even more insane kills and ambushes than you could solo as you'll have a whole group who have access to aimbots and ESP to see exactly where other players and enemies are.

Get The Best Dark & Darker Aimbot

We've worked hard to ensure we offer the #1 aimbot for the game, coded by our lead coder with over a decade of experience in software engineering. The aimbot gives you maximum accuracy so you can get easy headshots with every bow shot, spell cast, or melee attack.

Powered by the Wallhax Cheat Framework, our aimbot comes out of the box with default settings ready to use, with numerous options you can tweak from Bone Prioritization to Aim Smoothing and Aimbot FOV. Once you configure the aimbot to your liking, save your settings and you won't have to change a thing on your next gameplay session.

When you're delving deep into a dungeon, ensuring your aim is on point is just one more factor you'll have to worry about as you plan your next move. Missing a single attack in a high-intensity fight can be the difference between winning and losing, so it's better to trust in our aimbot to keep your aim on point at all times and deliver that lethal attack.

An aimbot can do the following:
  • Ensure each shot is on point and on target
  • Hit a headshot for maximum damage
  • Follow your target's movements to ensure your attack lands
  • Predict movement based on the target's current velocity and your weapon's projectile speed

The aimbot will make you a legend in Dark and Darker, and a feared opponent no one will want to come up against.

ESP Cheats For Dark And Darker (Wallhack)

This game has noticeably low visibility with darkness only a few steps beyond you and little lighting to see what's around you. Often you'll give away your position to other players if you are using a light source, so may normally only be able to locate an opponent by the sound of them moving.

It's even worse if you're gaming in a brighter environment as you'll be at an inherent disadvantage against an opponent who has an optimal setup with little outside light beside their PC display.

With our ESP cheats, you can see the locations of all other players at all times, allowing you to either hunt them down or avoid them if you're not ready to take them on. ESP can show whether they're visible or not, letting you know if they're behind a wall if you can't directly see them. That also lets you know if they can see you, which can be important when making a tactical decision about how to move around the map.

ESP can display the following:
  • Player names - Easily see if a friend or particular rival is nearby.
  • 3D Box ESP - 3D Boxes make it easier to tell exactly where an opponent is relative to you in 3D space, and are easy to see. These give better positional awareness than 2D Boxes.
  • Health Bars - See exactly how healthy an opponent is so you can judge whether you can take them out with one attack or if it may be better to avoid them.
  • Monster ESP - See exactly where enemy NPCs are around the map.
  • Loot ESP - Easily see where valuable items and treasure can be found.

2D Radar Hacks

With on-screen radar, you can see the locations of monsters, other players, or even loot around you like on a minimap. This gives you additional positional awareness so you can avoid having an opponent sneak up on you from behind if you're focused on what's in front of you.

Wallhax's Framework-powered 2D Radar is fully customizable with the ability to remove the background, resize and rescale it, position it anywhere on your screen, and much more. This makes it easy to ensure the Radar is non-obtrusive while providing exactly the information you need.

dark and darker hacks screenshot 1

Revolutionary Dark & Darker Cheat Security

No one wants to get banned when playing a game, and we understand this at Wallhax being gamers ourselves. Our cheats are designed to avoid anti-cheat measures, with multi-layered protections against detection. This starts with our dedicated cheat launcher which securely loads the cheat into the game and features polymorphic security.

The Dark & Darker hack is powered by the Wallhax Cheat Framework, a codebase designed to be lightweight to avoid code bloat that could increase the number of detection vectors while still boasting 30+ powerful cheat features and almost limitless customization.

Finally, with Dark & Darker we examine the anti-cheat methods in place and ensure our software isn't unnecessarily exposed to any detection vectors that would unnecessarily compromise user safety.

We (or any cheat provider) can't make any promises that our cheat will never be detected or you couldn't be banned, but where possible we work to minimize these chances.

How To Purchase The D&D Cheat

Now that our cheat is released and available, it's easy to get access and load the cheat. We make our software as easy to use as possible so anyone can use our software without issue. For this reason we have a simple to follow guide for our cheat launcher software.

  1. First, you'll signup on to the site using the button at the bottom of the page, or by clicking here.
    You'll be able to select a Dark & Darker cheat membership and choose from several payment methods. You can also opt for a 'VIP' membership which includes this cheat as well as many others we offer.
  2. After you pay, once the payment is confirmed by the payment provider, you'll automatically get access to the cheat launcher download, a guide on using the cheat launcher as well as the Dark & Darker cheat guide. This will also come with special subscriber-only forum access where you can read tips from other members or post any questions you might have.
  3. With your cheat software downloaded you can log in and you'll be able to load the Dark & Darker cheat from a dropdown menu.
  4. Be sure to follow the cheat guide to ensure you load the cheat safely and securely.

Game Hacks Now Available

Dark and Darker is the latest FPS/extraction shooter from Ironmace Games. Dark and Darker turns the traditional FPS extraction model on its head by focusing heavily on a fantasy setting. Character classes like rogue, wizard, and cleric replace more traditional FPS roles like infantry, sniper, and medic. It's a refreshing take on a popular genre that has already built a substantial fanbase.

Ironmace games are targeting Q4 2023 for the official launch date of Dark and Darker. They were previously in Alpha testing and planned multiple playtest periods before the official launch. With the game now available in early access, we're ready to give you access to our most deadly game cheat yet. You can get in-game now with the latest Dark and Darker hacks to help you quickly destroy NPC and player characters alike. Below we'll cover some of the cheats people are most looking forward to.

The Hack Features You Need For Dark & Darker

Deadly Lock On Aimbot For Dark and Darker

An aimbot is a program that will turn your character into a killing machine by automatically aiming the weapon at the enemy's head. Dark and Darker has a high skill ceiling that significantly affects the time it takes to kill an opponent (TTK). If you are able to accurately aim your weapon at the opponent's head, then you can lower the TTK significantly. Some powerful weapons can 1-Hit KO an opponent with a headshot. That would make you nearly impossible to stop with an accurate aimbot.

  • Easy headshots with lock-on
  • Super-fast aiming with no delay
  • Improve melee accuracy with lock-on
  • Conserve ammunition/mana making every shot count

The average player in a Dark and Darker match is going to have a difficult time landing headshots. The maps are crowded with walls, debris, and dark corners. The combination of lighting and environmental factors makes it difficult to hit the head of a moving target without a lot of training. You can skill all of that training with the help of an aimbot.

Using our aimbot will also help significantly with resource management. Resources are equal to gold in Dark and Darker, which means they are used as a currency for upgrades and influence your position on the leaderboard. Wasting resources is going to make the grind more difficult. Our aimbot will ensure that every shot fired hits the target so that interactions are ended quickly and resource efficiency is maximized.

Our aimbot takes into account all of the variables that affect projectiles in Dark and Darker. For example, many types of arrows suffer a significant drop during the shot. Some spells will move and spread differently than others. With a high-quality aimbot, you can be confident that all of your attacks will land perfectly.

dark and darker cheat screenshot

Dark and Darker ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) 

Also known as an Extra-Sensory Perception (ESP) hack, a wallhack is another extremely useful hack in the Dark and Darker world. An ESP hack allows the players to see important objects, information, and player silhouettes through the in-game terrain. The gameplay maps we've seen so far have plenty of walls and debris, which makes this a must-have hack.

Every player in a Dark and Darker match has only one life. If you die, then you lose all of your progress and all of the resources from that particular match. It's in your best interest to stay alive throughout the match and extract at the end. But that can be very difficult when there are AI enemies and other plays waiting around every corner to attack. Our wallhack ensures that you are always prepared and won't be surprised by the rogue hiding in the shadows.

There are also important resource caches spread throughout every map. One of your primary goals is to find these resources so that you can earn more rewards and climb the leaderboard. Our Dark and Darker ESP hack not only shows you the location of enemies but also highlights important resources through walls and debris. You'll be able to quickly navigate through any map and gather valuable resources before the competition.

Get Fully Updated & Working Cheats

Dark and Darker features a combined PvP and PvE system in addition to a competitive leaderboard. You'll be fighting alone or with a squad against a mixture of AI and real players. Dark and Darker cheats can make it extremely easy to locate and kill any enemies on your map. You will be able to quickly clear and extract from each map with a plethora of resources, which then helps you climb to the top of the competitive leaderboard.

Game development is still in a state of flux and it's likely that each new playtest will include new features and gameplay changes.

Dark and darker hack download

 We work hard to keep our Dark and Darker hacks up to date with the latest changes. As soon as a new update rolls out we ensure all of our hacks still work properly.

Climb The Leaderboards

Dark and Darker is a very new game with a community that is quickly growing. The next playtest is right around the corner. You can be the first to the top of the leaderboard with our Dark and Darker hacks.

There can be a lot of luck to your success in the game. If playing without cheats, if you happen to be found early on in a match by a group when playing solo you're very likely going to die. It's also quite possible that another player may stumble upon you while you're in the middle of fighting npc enemies, and you might get killed before you even know what's happening. There's also the possibility to spawn in a very difficult map or location. All of these things can slow down your game progress or make it difficult to get to the most high-end content.

This is where cheats can help you to progress. With these additional features you'll be able to quickly grab loot and items, and make it to a portal to get out of a stage. That'll speed up your progression and get you to higher ranks with better equipment much more quickly. If you're looking to come out on top in Dark and Darker, hacks will help you reach your goals more easily while also being a ton of fun to use.


Get the best advantage in Dark and Darker with Wallhax's aimbot, ESP, and 2D Radar cheats to ensure every attack connects, track opponents, and find valuable loot. With fully customizable settings making it easy to tweak every feature to your needs, you can dominate every match and top the leaderboards

Our cheats feature a powerful, yet intuitive menu system, allowing you to customize your settings to fit your playstyle and preferences. We also offer a revolutionary cheat security system with robust anti-detection measures, blocking any attempts at banning or detection. By using Wallhax cheats, you can rest assured that we are always one step ahead of the competition. 

With Wallhax's cheats, you can get an edge over your opponents and dominate the game. Our cheats are easy to use and customize, so you can tailor your settings to your liking. We also offer best-in-class security measures, so your cheats are more likely to remain undetected while minimizing the risk of a ban. Our team of experts works hard to make sure our cheats are up-to-date and reliable, so you can play with confidence. With Wallhax, you get the best Dark and Darker cheats available.