The Best Halo Infinite Cheats (2021)

Dominate In Infinite's F2P Multiplayer With Game-Breaking Aimbot & ESP Hacks At Launch.

Halo Infinite Hacks Screenshot

Halo Infinite launches on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC later this year. The free multiplayer mode will have a battle pass where players can purchase old seasons and choose which battle pass they want to focus progression towards. Players can customize items with armor and weapons to get "new ways to stand out on the battlefield". Players will be able to rank up by completing challenges that will award them with ranks, and these ranks unlock new emblems, banners, helmets, and armor tuning.

PC Launch & Cheats

We're all looking forward to the launch of the game on PC after the master chief collection was ported so well to PC. Of course with Infinite launching, cheat developers will all be working to support the game with their own hacks to give their users an advantage in the game. It remains to be seen exactly how effective the developers will be at preventing cheating.

Most Powerful Multiplayer Hacks

  • Deadly Lock-On Aimbot
  • 3D Player ESP Including Healthbars, Tracelines
  • Wallhacks to see your opponents at all times
  • Warning System When Enemy Is Targeting You
  • 2D On-Screen Radar Cheat
  • Triggerbot For Inhuman Reaction Time

When Will Hacks Be Available?

The first cheats will show up around the launch of the game. It will not be difficult to get the hacks if you're willing to look around online. From the time the game launches, there will likely already be basic cheats available. Like previous Halo games, you can expect to see cheats like aimbots, ESP, wallhacks, and radar cheats among others.

Aimbots In Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite Aimbot

While aimbots have been a part of Halo multiplayer for some time now, they have never been as sophisticated as the ones available today. You will be able to take advantage of super-perfect headshots that are near impossible without the help of an aimbot.

With cross-play coming at release to Halo, the developers are going to be trying to prevent aimbotters from ruining the experience of console players. So, to avoid being flagged as a cheater, it's going to be important to adjust your aimbot settings to stay under the radar. That means using features like aim smoothing, limited field of view, and bone prioritization systems. These types of features mean you can't just snap from enemy to enemy with the aimbot but also keeps your cheating from being blatant and obvious to an observer.

Some people even choose not to aimbot to reduce the risk of being banned further. If you want to minimize the risk of a ban while cheating, there's still ESP and Radar cheats.

Wallhacks & ESP Cheats

As the name suggests, wallhacks are going to let you see enemies through walls. You'll also be able to see their health and position when they're behind cover.

You can take advantage of wallhacks to get more information about your enemies, specifically, if they're at low health and about to die. This makes them easy targets.

Similar to wallhacks, ESP also lets you see enemies through walls, but without the ability to see their health. Possible ESP features include nametags, health values, 3D boxes, and position indicators. At Wallhax we're well known for our feature-rich ESP cheats including multiple box types, tracelines, bone display, long-distance ESP fading, and much more. All these features are included in games where we have implemented our proprietary cheat framework.

One of the benefits of wallhacking versus aimbotting is that other players can't see the ESP on your screen, which means you don't have to worry about your opponent reporting you for it. If you aren't careful with an aimbot, a keen observer may be able to tell that you have it enabled.

Why Use Cheats In Multiplayer?

Halo Infinite Cheat Screenshot

Halo Infinite has a way to offer rewards for progression in the game. The developers have stated that to encourage the competitive community, they will be including a system that unlocks new emblems which are currency needed to purchase in-game cosmetics.

This means that if you’re a top player in Halo Infinite, you can use emblems to get cool cosmetic customization items that will also help you stand out on the battlefield. Cosmetics available will include light and heavy armor, weapons, and accessories.

With the help of hacks like aimbots and ESP, you can earn cosmetics faster, as well as level up your battle-pass to unlock the rarest cosmetics that might normally require hundreds of hours of play. Having epic gear will help you stand out on the battlefield, and having an aimbot and ESP will help you back up your appearance by becoming feared in every match you join.

New Anti-Cheat System

343 was extremely clear that if Halo Infinite were to become a competitive game, they would be implementing an anti-cheat system. The developers are implementing an “internal, server-side” anti-cheat system intending to detect and remove cheaters from the scoreboard. 343 said that the anti-cheat system can target hackers based on their behavior in-game, to prevent them from interfering with other players.

This suggests that 'rage' hacking and cheating blatantly will be a quick way to get banned. This sounds similar to the Battlefield games, where Fairfight's anti-cheat is quick to ban the most blatant cheaters while those who stay under the radar can stay safe. At Wallhax, our own cheat for the game will include multiple features to help players hide their hack usage and stay unbanned while still getting a big advantage.

What Do We Have To Look Forward To In Infinite?

343 Industries has announced the return of the Gravity Hammer for Halo Infinite. This is an iconic Halo weapon that was last seen in Halo 4, and it’s back into the fray. This is a devastating weapon as seen in the multiplayer footage shown, that will turn any battle into a frantic brawl. Using cheats like ESP will let you stay hidden while you are lining up the perfect grappling hook to fly into a group of opponents with this beast of a weapon.

Other weapons include the Covenant Carbine and the SMG and Magnum will be making a return. The return of the old Halo weapons brings back a nostalgia that has been missing since Halo 4.

A new tool being added is the grappling hook. Aiming and using the hook will let you traverse obstacles. This can be used to climb the map and get an advantage over your opponents or to escape a difficult situation. With an aimbot, you'll be able to easily pull yourself to an opponent or possibly lock on to a weapon or other item to grab it without risking missing your shot.

An interesting inclusion is the addition of a Supercharger for vehicles. This will allow players to pick a vehicle and increase its speed by 30 mph (48 km/h). This makes it perfect for those who love to drive around the game world in an armored vehicle. Racing, dogfights, and overall gameplay will get a huge boost with this feature.


We can expect to see hacks launching for Halo Infinite soon after the game releases. Cheats like aimbots and ESP will give a big advantage in the game so you can rank up fast, earn more cosmetics, and level up a battle pass quickly. That said, the developers will be trying to catch blatant cheaters with server-based anti-cheat, so using a quality cheat will be important to stay undetected. Interested in a cheat from Wallhax? Create your account below and let us know on our forums!