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Deadly Bone Aimbots

Right Mouse

Aim Key

Visibility Checks

Bone Prioritization

Aim Prediction

You're immediately ready to start dominating in games featuring Wallhax's deadly bone aimbot. Our standard hack setting are designed to put you at the top of the scoreboard and keep you there.

Get headshot after headshot or swap between targets in a matter of milliseconds to minimize your time to kill and make every bullet count. Take down entire squads of opponents or grind through mobs faster than ever.

Adjust your aimbot settings as you like from our in-game, mouse driven menu, with options like bone prioritization, aim prediction, stick-to-target and more. Humanization settings like custom field of view and smoothing keep you looking 'legit' if you want to.

3D ESP Vision

Fully customizable 3D ESP gives you the always-on advantage you can use to outplay your opponents in every game we offer. Track your opponent's exact moves with features like 3D Box ESP making it easy to infer their exact position in 3D space, while others like Nametag ESP let you hunt down a particular player.

Our Healthbar ESP lets you know which enemies are weakest and should be prioritized first, while traceline ESP makes it easy to see exactly where an opponent is aiming at any given time.

In our cheats with multiple ESP types like items or lootable objects that include it, use our ESP filters to hide low value items and distance filters to reduce the amount of ESP on screen, helping you to focus on the most valuable and important resources or targets.

3D Boxes

Healthbar ESP

Head-Dot ESP

Traceline ESP

ESP Distance Limit

ESP Display Type

Changing The Multiplayer Cheating Experience

Dedicated Launcher

Easily and securely launch every cheat through our custom launcher. Just choose your cheat, and our server will download the latest version available in seconds.

Feature Loaded Cheats

We strive to offer as many features in our hacks as possible, while maintaining their security. From our aimbots, to ESP, each feature is coded with purpose.

Simplified Cheat Menu

Configure every cheat feature with ease through our in-game menus. Our mouse-driven GUI menus are coded to be light-weight, easy to use, and secured against detection.

Multi-Faceted Security

From our launcher to the code in the hacks themselves, we secure our software against anti-cheat at every step, including additional hidden layers of security measures.

Professional Support

Get support from our community forum at all times, with multiple staff and other cheat users ready to help answer your questions or queries.

Peace Of Mind

Sit back and relax, with private hacks secured against leaks, multiple anti-cheat measures, frequent updates, and guaranteed virus-free software.

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