About Us

Founded in 2014, Wallhax was formed with the aim to build a site offering affordable private cheats with an emphasis placed on user’s security. While some less reputable cheat providers have their cheats detected each week, or multiple times per month, we aim to offer much safer cheats that aren’t costing you a game account every other day.

Our team has all been part of, or users of cheat sites in the past, and learned what we liked and what didn't work. We used that experience to make Wallhax what it is today, and combined decades of experience in computer science, design and marketing to build what is now an industry leading cheat provider.

Why Choose Wallhax Private Hacks?

We founded Wallhax with the goal to offer industry leading private cheats at affordable prices, with a focus on user safety.

Feature Rich Cheats

Thanks to Wallhax's cheat framework, every title we support includes a bevy of features, from tens of ESP options, to our deadly aimbot, and fully customizable 2D Radar.

Professional Development

With a dedicated team backing our products, you can expect timely updates, ongoing development, and support when you need it, unlike many fly-by-night competitors.

Designed For Safety

Cheat with confidence with added security from our dedicated Wallhax client, light-weight cheat framework, and multi-layer Kernel Protection built in to every cheat.

The Team



Badger has been hacking and reverse-engineering games for over a decade, cutting his teeth on titles from the Counter-Strike 1.6 days. As a senior team member, he's relied on for his extensive coding experience and systems knowledge to help create a cheat experience that raises the bar.

Supporting titles on Wallhax like Sea of Thieves and ARK: Survival Evolved, Badger keeps many of the core titles we support updated.



Taking the lead to support many of the most challenging games and game engines, Gokke also leads development of the Wallhax cheat framework which drives all of the new cheats we support. Never content to rest on his laurels, Gokke drives the rest of the team to push relentlessly forward to constantly improve on the Wallhax service.

Gokke supports many of the new titles that are added to Wallhax, including Fall Guys, Warframe among many others.



With a life-long interest in manipulating systems, Slytiger has helped position Wallhax as one of the most prevalent private cheat providers on the market. He helps to disseminate customer feedback and to allocate team resources.