Private Cheats with a Focus on Security

At Wallhax, we put a focus on developing secure cheats for users that allow them to cheat indefinitely without a high risk of a ban. While many cheat sites are only concerned with their bottom line, and will offer cheats that are detected on a bi-weekly basis, we think this is a poor long-term strategy that hurts your customers and loses your members’ trust.

From the inception of every cheat we develop, we analyze existing game anti-cheat to attempt to deliver the most secure cheat possible. This doesn’t just end with the actual methods we put in place to prevent software detection of the cheat, but also includes developing our features to enable our users to evade stats based anti-cheat measures that find you through analyzing your score, accuracy, and other factors.

Multi-layer Security Measures

Cheat Launcher

Our cheat launcher securely loads your cheat into the game in the safest way possible, without leaving an obvious footprint for anti-cheat software.

Cloud Servers

The server protects our code, preventing reverse-engineering and offering additional levels of hidden security against anti-cheat methods.

Lightweight Cheat Code

Every cheat is designed to avoid game specific anti-cheat, and each feature implemented is coded with your safety in mind.