Do Undetectable Cheats Exist?

Is it possible to really find game hacks that can't be detected and are 100% safe to use? How safe is it to cheat?

'Undetectable' Game Hacks

The idea of multiplayer cheats that can't be detected is an idea that many people have when looking for hacks for a game they're interested in. But is it really possible to get a cheat that can't be detected?

The answer is no. In any multiplayer game where cheating is against the rules, there is always a risk of being caught for hacking in the game. 

Some game cheats may advertise that they've never been detected, but that doesn't mean it isn't possible. There's always a way that the game's developers or anti-cheat can use to detect your cheating. And even if the software itself doesn't become detected, there is always the risk of a manual review of your account by a developer or game-master to confirm that you are cheating from your gameplay.

Don't Let Yourself Be Misled By Overpromising Competitors

Many of our competitors will suggest their cheats are completely safe to use, and display 'Undetected' in big letters on all of their screenshots, branding and product pages.

The reality is that they always advertise this, no matter the current status of their products. They don't go to the trouble to update that branding when their product goes offline due to a detection. This results in the customers who are banned being frustrated because they believed they had permanently undetected hacks, or something undetectable.

Sometimes those bans are outside of the hands of the cheat developers and a result of player reports or manual review resulting in a ban. But that can still be frustrating if you didn't believe a ban was a possible risk.

For Wallhax, you can check the status of our game hacks at any time on our cheat status page.

Undetectable Game Hacks & Cheats

If you see this, take with a grain of salt.

How To Think About Risk When Using Game Cheats

Our mantra for game cheats that we think everyone who joins us should adopt is as follows: "don't cheat with what you can't afford to lose". This is because when you decide to cheat, you are inevitably taking on a risk of losing your account. If a potential ban or loss of your account is too great to you, then using cheats may not be right for you.

Since we are a private membership based cheat site, this is where we should be telling you that there's no risk of bans and you should buy our cheats immediately. But, we don't want to gain any customers under false pretenses. It's best when our customers understand the risk they are taking on when they decide to cheat.

If you have a game account that is highly valuable to you, then if you want to explore the world of cheating it may be best to start an 'alt' account specifically for that purpose so you can try out cheats before you decide if you want to use them on your main account

How To Reduce The Risk Of Game Bans From Hacking

How can you lower the risk of being banned in a game?

By adjusting how you cheat, to reduce the chance of player reports or detection by any systems that analyze gameplay like aimbot use for indicators of cheating (only a factor in a few games).

The easiest ways to stay looking 'legit' when cheating in a game:

  • Wallhacking: Always take care not to look at other players through walls using your ESP cheats, especially in games with spectators or those games that use 'Fairfight' for anti-cheat. Fairfight can actually use this as a signal that you are cheating if you follow players with your camera that you shouldn't be able to see enough.
  • KDR: Pay attention to your score as you play, especially in more competitive games. Other players will be more quick to assume you are cheating and report you if you have a much higher KDR than everyone else.
  • Playing Too Well: Unfortunately even though there are many highly skilled players who don't use cheats, other players will be quick to assume you are cheating if you kill them over and over. If you want to avoid being reported and are playing very well, go easier on your opponents or let them get a kill on you here and there.
  • Aimbot: Adjust your smooth aim/slow aiming rate so your aimbot doesn't instantly snap between players. If you use enough smoothing, the aimbot can feel more like an assist without looking obvious when being spectated.
  • Aimbot: Lower Your FOV/Aim Angle Limit to make sure you have to be aiming at an opponent before the aimbot will lock on. This prevents aimbot snapping and makes your aiming appear much more natural.
  • Aimbot: Change your bone aiming location. With our Aim Target option you can choose a different body part/area to prioritize. For more legit play, we recommend the 'Hitscan' option which prioritizes the chest first if it is visible.
  • Disable Your Aimbot. You don't really need an aimbot to do well in games, ESP is more than enough. If you really want to reduce the risk of being banned especially in games that use Fairfight (which is quite good at detecting aimbot use over time), turning off your aimbot and aiming legitimately will make you look much more like just a generally skilled player.


In conclusion, there is always a risk of being banned for cheating in any game where cheating is against the game rules, no matter what the cheat maker says. Always consider the risk and whether it's worth it before you decide to cheat. You can always create a second game account if you don't want to risk your main.

If you want to reduce the risk of being reported by other players, or banned in games that use anti-cheat which analyze gameplay to detect cheating, there are a number of adjustments you can make to your gameplay, including setting up your aimbot for more legitimate looking gameplay. Interested in our cheats? Learn more about our game hacks, or sign-up here.