The Best Chivalry 2 Hacks For PC (2020)

Decimate The Opposition with Chivalry 2 Cheats like ESP, Radar, Auto-Blocking And More..

Chivalry 2 Hacks

Dominate Online With Chivalry 2 Cheats

Hacking and slashing as a medieval warlord in Chivalry 2 is made much more enjoyable through using hacks. Considering many years has passed since the original game's release date, many experienced hackers have created a range of exploits and trainers available to those looking to squeeze the most fun out of this epic game.

However, many fans of Chivalry 2 are often unsure about where to start when seeking cheats for the game. With this in mind, here’s all you need to know about hacks available for this fantastic game. While we don't have any cheats yet for this game, we developed one of the most popular Mordhau hacks.

Possible Cheats in Chivalry 2

  • Auto-Blocking/Auto Parry Cheat
  • 3D ESP To See Locations of All Players
  • Archery Aimbot
  • In-Game Menu For Cheat Config
  • Cheat Launcher To Securely Load Your Hack
  • Customizable Warning System

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Possible Cheats In Chivalry 2

Though we won't know which cheats will be possible in the game before it releases, here are some of the software features people would like to see available for the game.

Fly Past Enemies with Speed Hack

Chivalry 2 has highly customizable and incredibly powerful speed hacks available, making combat a thrilling and unreal experience. The great thing about speed exploits for the game is that you can adjust it to suit whatever style of combat you’re looking to utilize. If you set the hack to maximum settings, you’ll fly across the map in seconds, making your character virtually invincible. On the other hand, using a slight adjustment in speed can give you a competitive advantage that gives you a strong edge against all of your opponents. Either way, there are lots of great strategies available for you through the use of speed hacks. 

Never Die with Unlimited Health

Dying in Chivalry 2 after a great streak can be tremendously annoying, which is why using an unlimited health hack can make things much more enjoyable. As the name suggests, this hack alters game programming to think that your character never takes any damage from enemies. In turn, you’ll have infinite health that will continue for as long as the cheat is activated. Funnily enough, the cheat means that you can be surrounded by enemies and do completely nothing, all the while taking zero damage. As you may imagine, using unlimited health with other cheats can make the game immensely more satisfying.

Perfect Accuracy with Aimbot

Chivalry 2 Cheats

Hack and slash games require you to be precise with each attack, otherwise you risk missing your target and opening yourself up to a counterattack. Through using an aimbot, you can substantially increase your accuracy, so all attacks end up properly hitting your intended target. Having perfect accuracy in a game like Chivalry 2 means you will become unstoppable on the battlefield, as whatever attack you choose will never miss. Aimbot is often cited as being one of the most powerful hacks available for the game, which means gamers looking to amplify their carnage should definitely use the exploit.

Protect Yourself with Customizable Warning Systems

During heated clashes in Chivalry 2, it’s often difficult to properly account for the location and risk of all of the different enemies nearby. Customizable warning system exploits provide you with all of the tools necessary to become aware of imminent threats on the battlefield. The system includes alerts that indicate when an enemy is aiming at you, or when an enemy is very close to your proximity. Activating the warning system ensures that wherever you are, you’ll get a heads up whenever there’s a threat inbound, making you aware of your surroundings in a way that’s impossible without cheats.

Get a Competitive Advantage Through Custom Crosshairs

Many skilled players find that the default crosshair is not compatible with their gaming style, causing them to miss attacks and achieve scores that don’t represent their skill level. Custom crosshairs available through hacks gives you all the options you could ever hope for when it comes to the size and design of your crosshair. You can choose a size that perfectly matches your style of aiming, as well as a style that makes getting tricky shots much easier than ever before. It might not seem like much, but small changes such as these can make a massive difference to your overall score.

Increased Awareness through Enemy Boxes

Many fans complain about certain enemies being very hard to see, especially in environments that involve rain and smog. Enemy boxes are a convenient way of highlighting the hitbox of an enemy in bright colors of your choosing. You’ll essentially see bright boxes surrounding every enemy within your view, making spotting them significantly easier. Lots of gamers find using boxes for maps that are notorious for low visibility makes getting kills and dominating the game effortless and straightforward.


Though not of all these cheats may be possible in Chivalry 2, there are sure to be lots of hacks that are able to be developed for the game. These cheats will allow you to dominate and top the scoreboards, even if you're brand new and still learning the game. Let us know if you want to see a cheat for Chivalry 2 at release by posting on our forums!