What Is A Game Trainer?

A Game trainer is a software application you can run on your PC to modify a game's addresses in memory in order to enable cheating and enabling new features and functionality in the game that aren't normally possible.

A trainer is typically designed for a specific game, and includes a number of cheat features to enable helpful features. These can include giving your character 'unlimited health', or 'infinite ammo' in the game. In order to accomplish this, the software edits addresses in for the game in your computer's RAM.

Typically, any time a game updates to a new version, the memory addresses the trainer uses will move, meaning that a new version of the software will have to be created for the newer game version.

  • Cheat In Single-player Games
  • Get Through Difficult Sections
  • Play The Game In A New Way
  • Give Yourself The Best Equipment
  • Beat The Game At Max Difficulty
  • Disable Frustrating Systems

Who Has The  Best PC Trainers? 

CheatHappens Trainer Website

If you're looking for your one-stop shop for feature loaded trainers for every game you play, look no further than CH. They have over 25,000 trainers in their library, and support pretty much every new game that's released so you don't have to search the web for a trainer for that new game you want to try.

What Makes Them The Best Trainer Provider?

1. Massive Library Of Trainers

These guys support just about every PC game that's released with trainers that are packed with features to let you accomplish anything you want in the game. They have a growing team that works super hard to support a ton of different games, and they're releasing trainer updates around the clock.

2. The Best Cheat Features

CheatHappens takes it to another level with their feature-packed trainers. In many games you can take advantage of full character editors to completely customize your character and edit every meaningful stat. In other games you can fund advanced features like teleporting to waypoints, or invisibility that let you sneak past any enemy. These features go above and beyond what you can find in most free trainers on the internet.

3. Frequent Updates

The worst thing to see when you use random trainers you downloaded off the internet is a game update. That usually means that your cheats won't work anymore and you'll have to find another trainer update. And if you don't remember where you downloaded it from, that's even more work to repeat. With CheatHappens, there's a dedicated team working to update trainers and keep them working with the latest game updates. In an age where game developers are releasing patches and hotfixes left and right, this is super important and a big reason to use their service.

4. Dead-Simple Downloads & Updates

Downloading trainers in .zip files off random file sharing websites is so 2010. Now you can take advantage of the CheatHappens trainer manager to download or update any trainer from their site with a single click. This app means you don't even need to open up your browser to get a cheat download as you can do everything from the app. The software even lets you see which trainers have been updated so you can quickly update your cheats for every game you're playing to keep them working.

Want the full low-down? Read our in-depth CheatHappens review.

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How To Use Free PC Trainers

Many trainers for singleplayer games work fairly similarly, so once you learn how to use them, it's pretty straight forward to master most trainers.

Free trainers that you download from the internet will often just be an .exe file, or an executable stored in a .zip file that you can extract to a folder on your PC. When downloading this software, you'll want to check that it's compatible with the current game version you're playing, as often a new patch will release for a game that will make older trainers incompatible.

Cheathappens Trainer Manager

The CheatHappens Trainer Manager lets you download and update any of their 23,000+ PC trainers

When your game is running, run the executable for your game trainer. Most trainers have a key that they use to load into the game, such as 'F1'. Often there will be a read-me or instructions included for how to load the software properly.

When the trainer is activated, you can then enable or disable any features you want to use. If you're stuck on a hard area that you're having trouble getting through, a 'God Mode' feature might be helpful. Or if you need to get through an area undetected, an 'Invisibility' or 'Stealth' cheat might be most helpful.

The features of the trainers are usually shown on the interface, along with what key you can use to activate them. Using the different keys you can enable and disable features as you like. If for any reason the features don't seem to work, check the instructions or double-check that the software is for the version of the game you're playing and not an older update.

Common Trainer Features

  • Infinite Health
  • One Hit Kill
  • Infinite Stamina
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • No Reload
  • Add 10,000 Money
  • Level Up
  • Add Items
  • No Fall Damage
  • Unlimited Breath
  • Unlimited Jetpack
  • Easy (Free) Crafting
  • Easy (Free) Build
  • Edit Resources
  • Infinite Weight
  • Teleporting

New Noteworthy Singleplayer PC Trainers

Horizon: Zero Dawn Cheat
Death Stranding
Minecraft: Dungeons
Watch Dogs Legion
Dying Light 2
Hitman 2 Hack (2018)

How To Make A Cheat Trainer

Want to make your own cheats instead of having to find trainers for games you like to play? With enough time and effort it's possible to learn how to make your own cheat features using the right software to modify the game's memory.

The best software to start cheating with is Cheat Engine, a game-hacking tool that is easy to get started with and doesn't take long to start hacking your favorite single-player games with.

After you download Cheat Engine, you'll want to follow their tutorial to learn how to make your first cheats. Your first features will be basic edits like changing how much health or ammo you have, or giving yourself more money. These are usually easier to do than more advanced features like teleporting or disabling enemy AI.

Our New Multiplayer Trainers

Keep in mind that creating all the features in a trainer is no easy task for a beginner, so you'll have to spend a lot of time practicing before you'll be able to develop more advanced cheats. For this reason it's often better just to other people's cheats unless you have a lot of time to dedicate to making your own.

The Best Multiplayer Game Trainers

Most trainers only work in single-player games, as the common trainer features like 'unlimited health' are easy to create in an offline game. When you play games that are connected to a server though, all of a sudden you can no longer affect these values as it's the server that determines how much health you have, and this is no longer possible to modify.

Multiplayer trainers have different types of features than single-player ones. At Wallhax, our cheats include aimbots, which can lock-on to enemies and aim for you, giving you incredible accuracy. 3D ESP cheats let you see the exact locations of enemies in the game world, so you won't be caught by surprise again. These types of features are possible in multiplayer games and are very helpful in first person shooters or survival games in particular.

If you want to get the upper-hand whether grinding out levels in Warframe or eliminating terrorists in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, our multiplayer trainers will give you the edge at all times.

Our Favorite Multiplayer Cheats

Monster Hunter World Cheating Software

CheatHappens develops singleplayer cheats that are loaded with features..

Where To Download Singleplayer Trainers On PC

If you're looking for the very best source for single-player game trainers, than look no further than CheatHappens. They offer over 19,000 trainers on their site, all easily downloaded and updated with a single click from the CheatHappens Trainer Manager. This makes ensuring you have the most up-to-date cheats incredibly easy so you won't have to hunt down a new working trainer every time the game you're playing gets a new update.

For completely free trainers, you can also check out GameCopyWorld and Gtrainers.com though we much prefer CheatHappens.

Playing Online? Choose Wallhax Multiplayer Cheats.

Want to dominate online? Those cheats we discussed above only work for single-player games, and won't work online (or will get you banned immediately). At Wallhax we develop private multiplayer trainer hacks for some of the most popular online games to give you the ultimate advantage.

With access to powerful features like our bone aimbots and 3D ESP, you can get more kills, rank up faster, earn more items and unlocks whether in PVE or PVP modes in your favorite games. Get access to 20+ cheats with our VIP membership with some of the most popular multiplayer games supported.

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