In Mordhau, the developers have created a deep melee combat system that rewards skill and practice, much like real melee combat. Built off of the Chivalry combat system, with similarities to For Honor, you can easily spend hundreds of hours mastering this game.

Instantly Increase Your Mordhau Skills

If you want to start lopping off heads and demolishing your foes in the game, you’ll need help. That’s where Wallhax’s cheat comes in, with our auto-blocking feature that gives you an impenetrable defense to let you channel your mental energy into other aspects of the game’s combat.

With a complex combat system like Mordhau’s, there’s a lot to think about at any one time. With your defense handled, that lets you allocate more focus towards other areas of gameplay, like executing feints and counterattacks. Our code runs incredibly fast and can immediately detect opponent attacks. It’s smart enough not to fall for feints itself, and will even counter the opponent’s kicks.

Not only will you start getting more kills, and longer kill-streaks with our Mordhau hack features, but it’ll also help you become a better player. As you play with the cheat more you’ll still be getting better as an aggressive player, learning how to best attack to get around your opponent’s defenses.

How Easy Is It To Cheat?

It almost couldn’t be easier than it is. The software once loaded, can be opened in-game through a menu that lets you configure every feature. While the software’s settings are set up to work ‘out of the box’, you can also tweak them to your preferences, set up a specific activation key, or choose whether you want the script to automatically face your opponent or not. Loading the cheat software itself is easy to do from the Wallhax cheat client, and loads into the game within a matter of seconds.

With how simple and effective Wallhax’s Mordhau hack is, it’s no surprise it’s already been a huge hit since we released it just a couple of days ago! Click above for more information on the cheat’s features, including ESP!

About the Author Wallhax

Wallhax develops private cheats for the top online titles. Get feature packed hacks with the most deadly aimbots, fully revealing ESP, 2D radar and much more, all packaged in an easy-to-use interface and undetected by anti-cheat. Download our hacks now!

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