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Hacking In Badlanders

Badlanders from Chinese developer NetEase is one of the most popular in the growing survival shooter genre. Taking inspiration from battle royale games such as PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and Call of Duty Mobile, Badlanders provides a tense, exciting challenge, and players need to take every advantage they can get if they want to come out on top.

Though it started as an Android and iOS game, it's now also playable on Windows PCs. Not only does the game look better and give you more control on the PC platform, but it also opens up more options for hacks and cheats that will help boost your gameplay and earn those delicious victories.

If you're looking to up your game, we've gathered together some of the top hacks for Badlanders that you can look for. Using these will definitely get you a place at the top of the leaderboards -- just make sure you don't get caught and banned for using them.

Dominating With An Aimbot In Badlanders

As one of the most popular hacks across all shooters, an aimbot is a basic must for anyone looking to get the most out of their Badlanders PC hacks. One of the greatest tests of skill in any shooter, whether you're playing first-person or third-person, is how well you can aim. No matter how masterful you are with a mouse and keyboard, the faster you can center your aim on the enemy and take them down, the longer you'll be able to survive a match.

That's where aimbots come in. An aimbot will automatically lock in on enemies, allowing you to shoot them with pinpoint accuracy. Some aimbots will even make sure your shots are centered on an enemy's head or other weak points that will take them down even faster. Quicker and more dependable kills means you'll be winning matches in no time.

Aimbots are especially useful in Badlanders because the game's aiming is very slow and unwieldy compared to other battle royale games. Getting past that mechanical annoyance will help you focus on the fun parts of the game.

Using Wallhacks To See The Enemy

One Badlanders PC hack that should be on top of your list to try out is the classic wallhack. The maps in this game feature many buildings and interior environments where enemies can be hiding around corners or ducked into the shadows. With a wallhack, you'll be able to see the outlines of your opponents through walls. Think of it as Superman-style x-ray vision! You can even catch enemies that are hiding behind rocks or trees out in nature.

Depending on which wallhack you use, you may be able to adjust settings from just seeing a stick figure outline of enemies to straight up seeing through walls. Either way, it will definitely give you a huge benefit and allow you to catch camping enemies by surprise. But what if you want to see more than just the enemies?

In our cheat we offer player ESP including boxes, healthbars, tracelines and more which is easier to secure against anti-cheat than traditional chams style wallhacks.

Using ESP Cheats

An Item ESP cheat is custom-built specifically for loot-heavy games like this and others in the battle royale genre. With ESP, you don't just get a look at what's directly in your line of sight. Rather, you're able to see text notifying you where to find all sorts of items spread across the map.

This can help you find improved weapons and armor early in a match, or you can use it to track down treasure that's worth a lot of money. More than anything, the ESP hack provides you with a real knowledge of the battlefield that you can rest assured those opposing you do not have. Your foes will be amazed at how you keep showing up to fights decked out in the best possible gear.

Our cheat does not currently include any item ESP, but with the amount of loot to be found in the game it's not hard to get geared up.

Is Unlimited Cash Possible?

Like many mobile games, Badlanders makes gratuitous use of microtransactions in order to make money. Using real money can help you level up your account faster and can also get you quicker access to both mechanical and cosmetic items. In other words, players who are willing to spend real money can not only look cooler but give themselves an unfair advantage in matches.

If you look online, you might see websites advertising the following:
"The unlimited cash hack helps you even the playing field. Using this hack, you can give yourself however much in-game cash you want -- from a quick hundred dollars to grab a coupe items to millions to let you unlock anything and everything you might want."

Unfortunately, unlimited cash cheats are always fake and usually a way for someone to get you to download a file or fill out a survey, making them money. The cheat itself never actually existed.

The good news is, if you really want to skip farming gear in the game yourself, you can take advantage of Badlanders' open market feature. There, you can even purchase real-money items and then sell them back to other players for more in-game currency. Using that method, a quick cash infusion can turn into long-term in-game profits that keep you kitted out in the best gear for as long as you care to keep playing.

That being said, we recommend playingthe game for free and using hacks like our aimbot and ESP to get the upper hand, since you'll always have the advantage even with other players paying for better weapons and gear.