The Best Disintegration Hacks on PC (2020)

Get the advantage with game-changing cheat features like lock-on aimbots, ESP, wallhacks and more.


Cheats for Distintegration on PC

Disintegration, one of the most popular sci-fi strategy shooter games, has already created headlines due to its fantastic gameplay. Gamers are trying their best to finish this game as soon as possible. But like most games, Disintegration also comes with multiple challenging levels that will take you days to cross. From creating gangs to leading them against your opponents, you need to develop strategies in every stage to keep your team alive. When the game releases, hacks like aimbots and ESP could give the ultimate advantage.

Possible Cheat Features At Release

  • See All Unit Positions
  • Lock-On Player/NPC Aimbot
  • On-Screen 2D Radar
  • Map Hack Feature
  • In-Game Cheating Menu

Since this game has twists and turns in every corner, you will have to stay alert and keep your gang safe. Losing your gang members will reduce your chances of killing the boss in the last level. If you want to stay ahead of the game, below are a few tips you should keep in mind.

The Best Disintegration Crews

Choosing your crew in the game can be the difference between a dominating victory and defeat. Learning and mastering a crew will give you the upper-hand in every match you play, with or without Disintegration hacks.

Lost Ronin Units

Lost Ronin, in this game, will not believe in honor. You need to accumulate battle rifles to burst your way to the next level. Sometimes you may not get an accurate aim if you want to burst down your enemies. In such cases, zoom in using your mouse scroll. Apart from providing a close-up of your enemies, the battle rifles also do more damage. In addition to battle rifles, you will also come across homing rockets. However, these take a few minutes to charge up. Make sure you use them strategically.

A Lost Ronin will have three grunts. Like homing rockets, these grunts can destroy your opponent's properties, such as land, weapons, homes, etc. The light grunt uses stun grenades that can destroy your immediate surroundings. On the other hand, the heavy grunt will start a mortar strike, which is a heavier blow to destroy significant territories of your opponent.

Neon Dreams Crew

Disintegration provides a variety of weapons at every stage. You need to pick them up and use strategically against your opponents. The Neon Dreams, for example, offers an 80-shot full-auto chain gun. In fact, it also has another secret power that gamers should know about. You can use Neon Dreams as a chargeable beam weapon. This will enable you to increase your DPS on various enemies. But remember, the chargeable beam weapon only works on specific enemies and not all of them. Therefore, be careful on whom you use it.

Like Lost Ronin, Neon Dreams also has three grunts. The light grunts are responsible for shooting stun grenades while the heavy grunts provide seeker missiles. Again, don’t overspend your grunts on relatively weaker enemies. You will need a significant number of grunts to take down powerful enemies.

The King's Guard Gang

You can team up with the King's Guard gang to defeat various enemies. The King's Guard has a chargeable crossbow that can suck the souls of your opponent to reduce their power. But the real power of the King's Guard is to slow everything down. Sometimes the action around you may distract you from targeting your enemies accurately. The slowdown feature of the King's Guard will help to attack your opponent efficiently.

In addition to inflicting damage on your opponents, the King's Guard can also heal your gang quickly. However, you need to reach the healing station as soon as possible. Make sure you have enough members on the field to tackle the attacks of your opponent, while the rest of the team heals in the station. This gang also has three grunts. The light grunts activate proxy mines while the heavy grunts deliver mortar strike. This weapon is ideal if you play solo as you may have to unlock tons of mines throughout the game.

Tech Noir Crew

The Tech Noir is another secret weapon that you need to unlock in this game. Its flak cannon piles DPS from a long distance. Moreover, the secondary lock-on healing bolt gives a crusaders crossbow that not only heals players but also your grunts. This means you can recharge your grunts if you manage to find this weapon. Tech Noir also has three grunts with the lighter one sending drones to disable your opponent's weapons and the heavier grunt throwing missiles.

Now that you know the different hacks for Disintegration, make sure you use them strategically. You can now show off your skills to you friends on how to cross the challenging levels of this game like a pro.


Learning the game and it's crews will provide a big advantage at release. That's one part of the equation, and cheats are the other, letting you see the exact locations of other crews in a match with ESP cheats, or locking on to your opponents with an aimbot. Let us know on our forums if you're interested in cheats or a trainer for Disintegration at launch.