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Fall Guys Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fall Guys Cheating Rampant?

Since Fall Guys launched the game without any real anti-cheat, players were quick to find out they could use basic cheating tools like Cheat Engine to speed-hack their way to victory. This resulted in lots of people cheating in the game, as well as people creating basic cheats that worked due to the unprotected nature of the game. With the huge popularity of the game, this meant a lot of cheaters playing online and making it tough to win if you weren't using a hack.

To combat this, the game developers added Easy Anti-Cheat to the game, which makes it much harder to develop hacks that aren't immediately detected and banned. This has cut down on the number of cheaters by preventing the most basic game cheats from working. That hasn't stopped private cheat providers like us from updating our cheats to be compatible with the latest updates so our customers can continue to cheat in the game with the features we offer.

Why Would You Hack In Fall Guys?

If you want to win lots of crowns, there's no easier way than by using cheats to survive until the very end of each match. Fall Guys can feel very random at times, and sometimes you lose due to the actions of your team-mates, or other players. So having cheats can give you more control in the game, and help you stay alive without feeling like you're losing due to random elements.

Let's be real, if you're playing Fall Guys for hours at a time you probably want to unlock all the visual customizations and costumes, and these can require tens, or up to hundreds of wins. So cheating helps you to speed up that process and get your unlocks even faster.

Are Players Recording Hackers In Fall Guys To Try To Get Them Banned?

With so many other players blatantly using cheats like speed-hacks, other players have taken to recording them cheating to try to get them banned by the game developers. This means that if you are using hacks that you should try not to be too blatant, or you might have footage of your exploits sent to the developers over twitter.

The saving grace for hackers is that with so many players in the game, it's going to be difficult for the game developers to review all of this footage.

What Are Fall Guys Developers Doing To Try To Stop Hackers?

The first thing that the game developers tried was some basic in-game checks to detect speed-hackers. At Wallhax we were able to evade these checks to ensure our cheats kept working and weren't affected by these checks.

After that, the Fall Guys team created a special 'cheaters island' where players they had determined were using cheats could continue to play, but only against other cheaters.

This created a problem where there wouldn't be enough cheaters to fill a lobby, and resulted in people complaining which might create bad PR for the game. So eventually the developers decided this wasn't a good strategy and disabled this match-making system.

Most recently, Easy Anti-Cheat was added to the game, which is a fairly aggressive anti-cheat product designed to detect cheats and ban the users. As a result, many of the most basic free cheats no longer work for the game, or result in a ban. This has most likely had a positive impact on the number of hackers in the game. Even if you want to cheat, you probably don't want to be competing against other people using cheats, so this is a good change for the most dedicated game hackers.

Can You Fly Hack In Fall Guys?

This was a more common cheat when the game first came out. People would be blatantly flying around in front of others, making it clear they weren't playing the game fairly.

With new anti-cheat being added to the game, this feature is much less common. We don't recommend using fly hacks as they can be detected by the game's anti-cheat, and are fairly obvious in-game.

Hacking To Win In Fall Guys

Win every Fall Guys round you play with the help of game-changing cheats!

Fall Guys is assuredly one of most fun battle royale games out there. it has been out since February 2020, and since then it has gone on to become a popular game. However, a lot of people wonder if there are cheats available for the game. With that said, here's the answer to that question, as well what the most popular cheats are and tips for finding the best software.

Are There Cheats For Fall Guys?

The short answer is there are software programs for the game. However, not all pieces of software are legit, nor are using cheats or hacks allowed. If you're caught or suspected of using a cheat for Fall Guys, then the chances are you'll be barred from playing the game. This is because the owners of the game is cracking down on cheating.

Also, not all of these programs are legit. Some websites claim they have cheating programs available, but when you go to implement the cheats, they end up not working. This is why you need to be careful where you get your hacks from.

Best Fall Guys Hack Features To Use

  • Speed Hack
  • No Collision
  • No Stun
  • In-Game Mouse Driven Menu

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Popular Software Features For Fall Guys

Some of the most popular cheats for the game includes getting the Ultimate Fall Guy trophy. You get this by getting all other trophies. Another popular cheat is super speed, but there isn't a specific cheat code you enter. Instead, you have to perform a hack cheat to get the speed cheat.

There's also a jump hack that can be used. As the name suggests, this cheat allows you to jump very high. Another popular hack is change gravity. Although the list of cheats isn't too extensive, bear in mind that as time goes by the chances are more cheats and hacks will start coming out. We've included the safest cheats in our own cheat that still give you a great chance to win every match you play to quickly earn crowns!

Why Do Players Use Cheats?

There are three main reasons to use cheats for Fall Guys, with the main one being for fun. Many players find that using cheats and hacks makes the game even more fun. Cheats aren't only fun, but they can turn ordinary or less than average players into better players.

Second reason is it allows players to beat their competition. Sometimes a player will have difficulties winning competitions in the game. With hacks and cheats, they could likely easily beat other players.

The last reasons is for curiosity purposes. Some players are just curious about whether or not this software will actually work for Fall Guys. Just remember, as previously mentioned using cheats isn't allowed, and you can get banned from playing the game if caught using cheats. Always use these programs at your own risk.

Tips For Finding Fall Guys Cheats

First tip is to only use cheats from a reputable and legit source. Unfortunately, there are many sites out there that claim they have legit software for various games, including Fall Guys. However, when you download the hacks, they don't end up working, which is why you should do your research and compare several sites. Then, you can choose which site to get your hacking programs from. At Wallhax we have been in business since 2014 and have hundreds of testimonials from satisfied customers.

Second tip is to check out YouTube and other reputable video sharing sites. Such sites allow you to see working software in action. If a user is showing you that the cheat is working and that they use it, the chances are it'll work for you. Just make sure you look at the comments and find out what others are saying or if other people have given the respective cheat a try. Be careful with downloading cheats from Youtube as people will infect the software and it could be used to hijack your PC.

Do not forget to have a look at forums. There are no shortages of gaming sites that cater to sharing game-hacks. Just be very careful before you click on any links within forums because not all links will be safe or legit. This is why you need to make sure the forum you use is reputable and scans links for malicious activity before they allow them to be posted to their site.


If you want to find the best and most legit hack tools for Fall Guys, then keep the previously discussed tips in mind. Feel free to give some of the popular software a try, but remember that cheating is not allowed within the game. If you're caught using cheats, there's a good chance you'll be banned from playing. With that said, it can be a lot of fun to use this software when you're winning round after round which can make it worth it.

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