The Best Fallout 76 Cheats (2024)

Find rare loot, build out your settlement, dominate in PVP and win every nuclear winter match with game-changing FO76 hacks.

Fallout 76 Cheat Menu Screenshot

Multiplayer cheats for Fallout 76 give you an always-on advantage in the game, letting you progress faster, take on bigger enemies, find rare loot, and take out other players in PVP.

There is no single-player mode for Fallout 76, so the only way to get the upper-hand in the PVE and PVP modes of this post-apocalyptic world is with multiplayer cheats like our game-changing aimbot, 3D ESP and 2D radar features.

Whether you want to power-level your character, dominate in multiplayer like nuclear winter, or quickly scavenge for the rarest items in your area, these cheats will give you the upper-hand and let you play the game your way.

Our Best Fallout 76 Cheats

  • Lock On Player & NPC Aimbot
  • 3D Player & NPC ESP 
  • Item ESP - Quickly Find Valuable Items
  • Item Filtering System - Hide Worthless Items
  • 2D 360 Degree On-Screen Radar
  • Easy To Use Cheat Menu System

Can I use Singleplayer Cheats & Console Commands In Fallout 76?

Unfortunately because Fallout 76 is an always online in a shared world, using the kinds of cheats or mods you would find for other games like Fallout 3 or 4 are not possible. To maintain the integrity of the game world, using any kind of cheats is not allowed by the game developers, even if you are only affecting your own character or using the cheats in PVE.

So, in order to cheat in Fallout 76, you'll have to use injected code like Wallhax's private hack to enable features that are normally not possible in the game. With a cheat like our aimbot you can lock on to an enemy for maximum accuracy to take down your targets more swiftly and without wasting ammunition. 

Since the game is connected to a server and utilizes some server check and anti-cheat this prevents some cheats from being readily possible or safe to use like a 'godmode' cheat, but the features we offer in our FO76 product is more than enough to have a big advantage when venturing into the wasteland.

What Cheat Features Can I Use In Fallout 76?

Aimbot For Fallout 76 Screenshot

At Wallhax we offer many of the FPS cheats you would expect in a multiplayer FPS, like our deadly aimbot, and 3D ESP that enables you to see the locations of nearby enemies or players. These features alone will make you a god in PVP, and able to easily take down hordes of monsters without breaking a sweat.

To add on to that, we've created our own custom Item ESP, container ESP, plant ESP and more that help you to find valuable items out in the wasteland without having to comb through every camp, or interior you come across. You'll be able to see items from a long distance away and look for specific item names that are useful to you.

With so many items to be found we also took things a step further and implemented item filtering. This enables you to hide the many 'junky' items from our ESP so that you can hunt for only specific valuable items out in the world. In this way you can quickly gear up your character and earn caps from collecting and selling valuable items as you explore the world.

Is It Safe To Use Game Cheats?

In Fallout 76, cheating is not allowed, so the use of these cheats could result in a ban on your account if you were caught. At Wallhax we take user safety very seriously, and develop our cheats with the goal to prevent detections. When using the FO76 software, you'll load it securely through our dedicated cheat client, which streams the latest version of the software from our servers. We've taken care not to include any overly risky hack features in this product that might be more likely to be detected by the game's anti-cheat, which further reduces risk.

While we have never had a detection of our FO76 cheats, it's always possible it will happen in the future. So don't cheat if you are not willing to take the risk that your account could be lost.

Is It Worth Hacking Fallout 76 In 2024?

Fallout 76 ESP and Wallhack Screenshot

When deciding whether to cheat in a game it all depends on what you're looking to get out of the experience.

Most of Fallout 76 is not that hard, so you don't have to use cheats in order to just play through the PVE side of the game. For PVP, hacking will give you a huge advantage against other players with the ability to see where they are in the game world at all times, and lock on to them with our deadly bone aimbot. You'll be sure to top the ranks of the nuclear winter mode with these cheats.

When deciding if you want to use cheats, consider what you might gain from doing so. You'll be able to quickly take down enemies whenever you're playing through a quest, speeding up the process so you can earn EXP, caps, and loot much faster. With the Item ESP, you can immediately see where the more valuable items are in an area, letting you make a bee-line to those and filling up your pockets that much faster.

Cheating can also be fun, since it's a new way to experience the game and see another side of it. It can feel badass when you know where all the rare items are, and can take down entire groups of enemies with headshot after headshot. These are all reasons why you might want to cheat in the game. 

Can You Download Free Hacks For Fallout 76?

Unlike typical game mods, hacks have to be frequently updated to support the latest version of the game, with ongoing costs for server costs, support, and maintaining cheats to avoid detection from anti-cheat. For this reason, you won't find free cheats all over the place, as it's a lot of work to create and maintain this type of software.

Furthermore, any free cheats can easily be downloaded by the game developers in order to create a new detection in their anti-cheat. If free cheating software becomes available, people will download it in droves, so the game's anti-cheat team will typically prioritize this as they want to prevent as many people from being able to use these cheats as possible. This is another reason that private hacks are a better choice as they are made up of smaller communities which are harder for the game developers to penetrate.


Get the best game hacks for Fallout 76, with Wallhax's feature loaded cheat. With the help of our aimbot, 3D ESP, Item ESP, 2D radar and many more features, you'll be able to rule the wasteland and dominate whether in PVE or PVP modes. See video and the full features list of our cheat on our dedicated FO76 page.