Private Hyper Scape Hacks

Win Every Round You Play With Game-Changing ESP & Radar Cheats.

Hyper Scape is the brand new Battle Royale game offered by Ubisoft that is sweeping the globe. If you glanced at Twitch or YouTube, you will notice many content creators, streamers, and gamers playing the game. It certainly has a lot of appeals as it offers a rather unique approach to the Battle Royale genre. Below, we will be going over some of the best Hyper Scape hacks that you should be using in the game.

Hacks Are Under Development

While the game does feature its own 'hacks', these are limited in their use and available to all players. With your own 3rd party cheats, you can get a further advantage with features like wallhacks or radar that let you see the exact locations of other players in the game world.

Unlike the in-game abilities, these cheats don't have cooldowns or cost resources to use, providing an 'always-on' advantage. With the help of cheats, you'll be topping the scoreboards in every match you play and bringing home the bacon.

Possible Cheats in Hyper Scape

  • Lock-On Bone Aimbots
  • ESP To See Locations of All Players
  • On-Screen 2D Radar
  • In-Game Menu For Cheat Config
  • Cheat Launcher To Securely Load Your Hack

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Top Hyper Scape Hack Abilities

While we're working on our own cheat features for the game, the in-game abilities offer a lot of utility all on their own.

Teleport Hack

This is easily one of the best potential hacks in the game right now. One of the reasons it is such a good option is because it offers fantastic movement that you don't get with some of the other options available. Teleport is essential in such a fast-moving game. This is especially true when you pair it with a slam.

Sky Breaker

Another good hack that you are going to want to consider using would be the sky breaker. When you combine this with teleport, it can help you get a lot of air to sustain a height advantage and you will be able to score some air kills because you will have that advantage.

Ball And Armor Hacks

This is another good option especially if you are talking about late game mechanics. This will give one of the best ways to stay alive because you can use armor and then immediately go into the ball once your armor dries up and you are in cool down mode. This can keep you alive at the end of the game when everyone else is fighting for their lives to stay in the game. While you can actually get shot out of the armor phase, you can sustain a lot of damage and once they break you out of the ball, you could always utilize the armor hack once again which enables you to take a lot more damage than your opponents.


Invisibility is a good one for those who want to play fast yet stealthy. You will be able to get away from enemies undetected and it can give you a significant leg up on your competition if you have someone with this ability in your group. That way, you can have someone distracting a team while someone enables invisibility and sneaks up behind them to finish them off. This is especially true when you pair invisibility with teleport as the invisibility ability does tend to make a sound. Therefore, someone might be able to track you if they are able to audibly detect where you are. When you shoot into the air with teleport, you will be certain to lose them entirely. 

Tip: Use Your Abilities In The Decay

Many might assume your abilities get stripped when you find yourself in the decay. The fact is, you can not only use them, but you should be using them. Your hacks may be able to get you out of the decay much faster which can keep you from dying. Your hacks may be able to keep you in the game much longer when used this way.

What Type Of Player Are You?

When you are trying to figure out what kind of hacks you should be using, the main thing that you want to think about would be your play style and the type of player you are. For instance, if you are someone who is much more defensive, you will likely want to utilize a hack like the Wall which will help you defend yourself. You can even use the Ball hack which will give you the ability to get away from danger.

If you are someone who is much more of an offensive player, you will be able to combine a much more offensive hack like Teleport and pair it with a close-range weapon like a shotgun. This can help you get into the heat of the battle and engage with your enemies quicker and play at a much faster pace.

Don't be afraid to swap out your hacks at any time. Because you can swap them out and pick up duplicates to fuse them into even more powerful hacks throughout the match, you can really turn into a very powerful player over time.

Once you learn how to better utilize the hacks and what hack combos work the best together, you should be able to become an unstoppable force in the game. The hacks mentioned above are only some of the top options that you can consider. Each of the hacks mentioned can provide you with a lot of advantages that you might not get with other combinations. Try to learn to play with the different hacks and various combinations to figure out what works best for you and your play style.


Make sure to take full advantage of the in-game abilities to get the maximum advantage in Hyper Scape. If that's not enough for you, create your account now to get access to our Hyper Scape cheat when it becomes available soon!