The Best New World Hacks (2024)

Dominate in PVP, level up and grind faster with aimbot cheats, ESP and More. 

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Ready to start dominating in New World? With the game not officially released yet, no cheats are presently available. But undoubtedly many cheat developers are checking out the game and seeing what types of cheats they may be able to offer.

Is The Game Worth Playing?
With the game still in closed beta, results are mixed. While some people enjoy playing the game others find it to be lacking in content and "pay-to-win". So far, most players agree that the graphics and animations are stellar but they're not worth missing out on if you have other games to play while you're waiting for the official release date.

Possible Cheats In New World

  • Auto-Aim Lock-On Headshot Aimbot
  • PVP Player ESP - Track All Enemy Positions
  • 2D Radar - Birds Eye View Of Your Surroundings
  • Resource ESP - See Gatherable Items/Nodes
  • Treasure Chest ESP - Find Rare Items & Loot
  • Speedhack - Move Even Faster Around The World

About The Game

New World is an upcoming massively multiplayer online role-playing game by Amazon Games set to be released on August 31, 2021. The game is set in 16th-century colonial America during the golden age of exploration and diplomacy. Players will get to explore various parts of the New World and find new civilizations, all while being subject to the hazards of nature and wildlife as well as the interactions of diplomatic interaction with other players around them.

New World Cheats Worth Looking Forward To

Headshot Aimbot Cheats

An aimbot is a cheat that automatically aims at targets. Some aimbots are even capable of predicting enemy movement. You can activate an aimbot with a key on your keyboard or a button on your mouse. Using an aimbot, you can take out other players or NPCs much faster by having an almost perfect aim and being able to get non-stop headshots.

In New World, headshots do critical damage, and this critical damage can be increased even further with buffs or the right gear stats. So headshot-focused builds can be very powerful and become even more deadly with lock-on auto-aim hacks.

Aimbot Features To Look For:

  • Field Of View
  • Custom Aim Key
  • Visibility Check
  • Auto Fire
  • Aim Prediction
  • Aimbot Sensitivity
new world aimbot screenshot

Wallhacks For PVP, Gathering, & PVE

A wallhack is a type of cheat that allows players to see the enemies through walls. With this type of cheat, players can easily locate enemy players and kill them before they can ready themselves. In New World ESP cheats or wallhacks could give a big advantage in PVP, helping you to hunt down other players or avoid big groups of rampaging opponents when you're scouting the map solo.

When using ESP in PVP, you can provide key intel to your group, letting them know where other players are and how many there are. Whether you're just PVPing with a small group, or are a member of a large guild fighting for territory, this feature has a lot to offer.

Even if you're just out in the world gathering, ESP for gatherable items can help you quickly farm resources for crafting, or hunt down the rare chests that can be discovered out in the world and are packed with all kinds of rare loot.

ESP cheats can include the following features:

  • Player ESP
  • Item ESP
  • Skeleton ESP
  • Name ESP
  • Distance ESP
  • Weapon ESP
  • Pickup ESP
  • Ammo ESP
  • Player Traceline ESP
new world esp hacks

What Are Speedhacks?

Speedhacks are cheats that allow players to move at faster than normal speeds. These cheats have been common in MMOs for a long time as they provide a big advantage by being able to get from point A to B much faster than normal. This can help you escape attackers or get to a fight faster. In New World, speedhacks can give you an edge in combat as you can close in on other players quickly to secure the kill before running away.

new world speedhack cheat

Is It Safe To Cheat In New World?

By the game developers, cheating in online games is frowned upon and can lead to your account being banned from the game if you're caught. However, just because cheating is against the rules doesn't mean you can't do it and avoid detection.

Using private cheats with a limited userbase is the best way to cheat safely since these cheats are less likely to be accessible to the game developers. With public, free cheats, the game devs can easily download the software themselves and look for a way to detect it when it's run in the game. So free cheats are typically downloaded a lot by players looking to try them out, and then subsequently detected.

If you do want to cheat in a game, just realize that you are always taking a risk and that you could lose your game account. That's your choice to make. If you have a valuable game account you don't want to lose, it may be better to purchase the game on another alt account and play there so if it is banned, you don't lose any progress on your main. You can even use your alt to gather material that you send over to your main to feed your primary game account!

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How Do You Install Cheats For New World?

While there won't be any hacks until around release, here are the basic steps you'll need to follow:

1. Get a hack for New World
2. Extract the downloaded cheat file to the game folder on your hard drive.
3. Run the .exe file to install and run it as administrator.

Just make sure you don't use some random cheat you found on a file-sharing website or Youtube. Some people will create fake programs and attach spyware or a virus to them. Those people don't feel bad about infecting your PC because you downloaded what you thought was a New World hack. This is another reason we recommend a private cheat provider. While you may have to pay for a game hack, you're getting a legitimate product.


At the moment, New World doesn't have any cheats available for it, but they're likely to be released when the game goes live. If you want cheats that are safe and won't get your account banned then you'll need to avoid free cheats that are most actively used by other players in-game. Paying for cheats is a better way to go since you can be more confident you're using a program that won't give you a virus, and is less likely to get you banned like a freely available tool.

With so many powerful cheat features possible in the game, it's no wonder a lot of players are looking for hacks to use when the game goes live. Stay tuned for updates on what cheats are available for New World! Also be sure to check out Splitgate hacks and Roblox cheats.