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Win Every Match

Win Every Match

Decimate your opponents online with our revealing 3D ESP including Smart Shading. They'll be thrilled if they never face you again.

Earn Rewards Fast

Earn Rewards Fast

Shoot up the ranks and earn even more currency as you dominate in each match you play. Farm loot chests faster than ever before.

NextShield Protected

NextShield Protected

Wallhax's private Paladins hack is designed from the ground up with our NextShield protection, adding an extra layer of code protection you won't find elsewhere.

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No unnecessary features or extra code to be detected by anti-cheat, just our fully revealing 3D Player ESP with Smart Shading.

We re-invented our Paladins cheat with a goal: remove as many means for anti-cheat detection as possible, while still offering powerful features that let you win every match you play. We think you'll like it.

Track the location of your foes through walls and terrain with our 3D Player ESP with Smart Shading. If you aren't #1 on the scoreboard with this advantage, you're doing something wrong.

Player ESP
3D Box ESP
Health Shading

Earn Loads of EXP, VIP Points, and Chests

Earn tons of EXP, VIP Points and Chests with our cheats!

Rank up faster than ever before with the help of our 3D ESP features, which is all you need to decimate the enemy team every round. Rocket your way through the divisions in ranked mode and earn limited and unique rewards, including crystals for reaching the leaderboards! You'll also be able to farm more VIP points, as you win matches and top the scoreboards every time you play!

Track your opponent's exact locations without added clutter.

Revealing 3D ESP

See the exact locations of your opponents at all times with our Paladins hack's 3D Player ESP. Boxes drawn around each player show their current position and include 3D lines that intuitively convey where they are in 3D space. In addition, our Smart Shading feature adds health information to each player without additional clutter, coloring the opponent's box based on their current HP.

Easily hunt down the opponent's most valuable players, defend and attack objectives with a definitive advantage with the help of Wallhax's ESP cheat. Whether you're lobbing explosives around corners or exploiting an opponent's poor positioning to flank them, you'll always have the upper hand in any match you join.

NextShield Secured

Wallhax's Paladins private cheat was rebuilt from the ground up with our new protection code for the most aggressive anti-cheat solutions found in multiplayer games. We call it NextShield. We've seen that many other Paladins cheats on the market are regularly detected, and Nextshield is a key element of our solution. Many cheats are also loaded with added code that makes it much easier for anti-cheat developers to create signatures to detect this code, and we've addressed this as well by offering the core features you need without anything else, resulting in our Paladins IceCode Aimbot and 3D ESP features.

NextShield is an exclusive Wallhax feature, included in select products we offer and updated regularly on our server in order to provide the ideal measure of protection against new anti-cheat methods. In addition to that, all cheats are streamed securely from our servers through our cheat client, ensuring they can be injected undetected into the game.

Avoid bans with secure cheat injection from Wallhax.

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Read these rave reviews of our Paladins cheat, and find even more testimonials on our forums!

I recommend it

I am using the hack since 2 days ago. I'm very satisfied cause its hard to get caught if you use it cautiously. I am living in Turkey and its expensive to buy 1 month package this is the only thing that bothers me ... +Great aimbot +Great wallhack +Hard to detect if someone is using it

bcure, VIP Member

Overall 9/10

...I have to say, I'm quite impressed o: Everything works well and I have no negatives to say about this ... Paladins is actually fun with these hacks, and it improves my gameplay, so thank you for that.

DonDave, VIP Member

Paladins Hack

This is 100% the best hack i have seen yet for paladins. I went through 4 account getting banned before finding this site. 4 months later i have not recieved a single ban and am still going strong. Great support aswell. Admins are quick to fix issues and bugs!

h3adshotty, VIP Member

Thank you

Just wanted to leave a quick testimonial. I've tried many websites and the past, and none compare to wallhax. The smoothness, minimal crashes and errors and excellent service, and now even EAC titles which most other sites have completely given up on! Couldn't be happier as a customer. Keep up the good work!

bmk4213, VIP & 'Plus' Member

Paladins Cheat Review

First of all, I'm really glad I found this site. Paladins Aimbot is working perfectly for me. One of the best programs that I used so far. Thank you for making an amazing program.

KawaiiKookie, VIP Member

Paladins Hack

Great working hack, aimbot is perfect and human like. I am loving the affordability of the wallhax cheats as I also play 2-3 games on the list separate from Paladins I can use the cheat with! Thanks

Killercrak, VIP Member

Track every enemy opponent with our ESP hack.

Is it worth cheating in Paladins?

With cheats you can immediately start getting way more kills and points in every match you play, shoot up the ranked ladder and earn a ton more in-game rewards. If you want to have a ton of fun in Paladins and wreck your opponents, then cheating might be for you!

What hack features are available for Paladins?

In Wallhax's Paladins product we offer our 3D player ESP with Smart Shading, which draws 3D boxes around all enemy players and colors them based on their current health. This lets you see at a glance in the middle of combat how close they are to death.

Other cheats may offer more features for Paladins, but we would prefer to keep your account unbanned while still offering you the most helpful features. These other cheats expose themselves to detection by adding additional code to the game that Easy Anti-cheat could pick up on, which can result in detection after detection.

Can I get free Paladins cheats?

If you do a cursory search on Youtube or Facebook you'd probably think there are tens or hundreds of free cheats for Paladins, and possibly just about any other game out there. However, most of these ‘free' cheats are completely fake, and the person promoting it is just trying to get you to download a fake application or fill out a survey to make money.

Most free cheats for Paladins are quickly detected by Easy Anti-Cheat, and the cheat developers usually don't continue to update the cheat after they release it. So for undetected cheats, you'll want to pay for a private cheat like ours.

Why should I have to pay for game cheats?

Many coders will develop free cheats for games, but they usually will not update them for every game patch, and usually, anti-cheat will detect these cheats as they end up being used by thousands of players and are an easy target.

At Wallhax, offering high-quality private cheats is what we do, and we do it well. We currently offer 20+ cheats that are updated for new game versions and are undetected. We believe, and our customers seem to agree that paying for game hacks is well worth keeping your game accounts unbanned!

Are cheats for Paladins safe to use?

Any cheat in Paladins could be detected, as cheating is always a cat-and-mouse game between the cheat developer and the anti-cheat. It's important not to cheat if you aren't willing to lose your game account, as you should be aware that the risk is always present. Anti-cheat companies will try numerous ways to try to detect a cheat, meaning sometimes they will find a method no one would expect them to use. If you want to stay undetected in Paladins, your best bet is a private cheat that offers good security and is well coded to minimize the chance of detection.

Is your hack undetectable?

No cheat can be undetectable, as there is always a way for the game client to detect a cheat if they try hard enough. Unfortunately, due to this, we can make no guarantees about the future safety of the cheat.

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