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Top The Scoreboards With
Our Paladins Hack

Build up huge kill streaks with our NextShield secured Paladins hack, including 3D Player ESP with Smart Shading!

Win Every Match

Win Every Match

Decimate your opponents online with our revealing 3D ESP including Smart Shading. They’ll be thrilled if they never face you again.

Earn Rewards Fast

Earn Rewards Fast

Shoot up the ranks and earn even more currency as you dominate in each match you play. Farm loot chests faster than ever before.

NextShield Protected

NextShield Protected

Wallhax’s private Paladins hack is designed from the ground up with our NextShield protection, adding an extra layer of code protection you won’t find elsewhere.

Get The Definitive Advantage
With Our Deadly Paladins Cheats

No unnecessary features or extra code to be detected by anti-cheat, just our fully revealing 3D Player ESP with Smart Shading.

We re-invented our Paladins cheat with a goal: remove as many means for anti-cheat detection as possible, while still offering powerful features that let you win every match you play. We think you’ll like it.

Track the location of your foes through walls and terrain with our 3D Player ESP with Smart Shading. If you aren’t #1 on the scoreboard with this advantage, you’re doing something wrong.

Player ESP

3D Box ESP

Health Shading


Earn Loads of EXP, VIP Points, and Chests

Rank up faster than ever before with the help of our 3D ESP features, which is all you need to decimate the enemy team every round. Rocket your way through the divisions in ranked mode and earn limited and unique rewards, including crystals for reaching the leaderboards! You’ll also be able to farm more VIP points, as you win matches and top the scoreboards every time you play!

Revealing 3D ESP

See the exact locations of your opponents at all times with our Paladins hack’s 3D Player ESP. Boxes drawn around each player show their current position and include 3D lines that intuitively convey where they are in 3D space. In addition, our Smart Shading feature adds health information to each player without additional clutter, coloring the opponent’s box based on their current HP.

Easily hunt down the opponent’s most valuable players, defend and attack objectives with a definitive advantage with the help of Wallhax’s ESP cheat. Whether you’re lobbing explosives around corners or exploiting an opponent’s poor positioning to flank them, you’ll always have the upper hand in any match you join.

NextShield Secured

Wallhax’s Paladins private cheat was rebuilt from the ground up with our new protection code for the most aggressive anti-cheat solutions found in multiplayer games. We call it NextShield. We’ve seen that many other Paladins cheats on the market are regularly detected, and Nextshield is a key element of our solution. Many cheats are also loaded with added code that makes it much easier for anti-cheat developers to create signatures to detect this code, and we’ve addressed this as well by offering the core features you need without anything else, resulting in our Paladins IceCode Aimbot and 3D ESP features.

NextShield is an exclusive Wallhax feature, included in select products we offer and updated regularly on our server in order to provide the ideal measure of protection against new anti-cheat methods. In addition to that, all cheats are streamed securely from our servers through our cheat client, ensuring they can be injected undetected into the game.