Phantasy Star Online 2 Hacks for PC

Grind through missions faster, get more loot and dominate in PVP with PSO2 Cheats!

Phantasy Star Online 2 Cheats

Phantasy Star Online 2 is one of the best games in the Sci-Fi Online Role-Playing genre. The thrilling storyline makes you want to play the game multiple times. Moreover, with your response changing the outcome of the game, you would want to try answering differently every time you play the game from scratch. But like all games, this one also comes with tons of tricky stages. Sometimes you have to make the appropriate decision to move forward. Otherwise, your life ends instantly.

How To Use PSO 2 Hacks

Gamers don’t like to stick to a specific level for long. Are you one of those gamers who can’t wait to reach the next level in Phantasy Star Online 2? If yes, you should use some of the hacks available for this game. They will allow you to progress to the next level or mission quickly.

By completing quests, missions, and areas faster, you'll be able to get more EXP, credits and items so you can progress faster and get even more done in the game!

Likely Wallhax Cheat Features

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  • Lock-On Bone Aimbot
  • On-Screen 2D Radar
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Cheat Strategies For PSO 2 On PC

Affixing Your Weapons

Here are some hacks to affix your weapon or units in various stages:

1. First, you need to choose the weapon you want to use. Affixing your weapon will require money. Many gamers are not aware but you can get fast money by doing Time Attacks after taking orders from Klotho. Many players sell their wares in the virtual shop to earn extra money. Although it is a genuine source to make money, it doesn’t provide as many coins as Time Attacks.

2. Once you acquire adequate money, you need to buy Body I and Arm I on a 1-Slotted Weapon. This will make your affixing experience much easier. Otherwise, you will have to go through various stages to find a 1-Slotted Weapon.

3. You can test your slotted weapon on Lambda Aristin. Usually, Lambda Aristin works instantly when you use a slotted weapon. Once it works, you need to add Body I and wait for both the slotted weapons to activate.

4. After affixing these weapons, you need to repeat the same steps to acquire adequate money. You have to use this money to buy two 2-Slotted Weapons. In addition to that, you will need to buy Vol Soul.

5. Like 1-Slotted Weapon, you need to add the Vol Soul to Lambda Aristin. Make sure you have Vol Soul+Arm I before adding 2-Slotted Weapons. Leave the weapons to affix themselves. In the meantime, resort to Time Attacks again. Acquire enough money to buy Vol Souls and Power III for 2-Slotted Weapons. Affix them one by one following the steps above. Soon you will have the most powerful affixed weapons in the game.

Unlocking Phantasy Star Online 2 Easter Eggs

Again, this is another part of the game that many players don’t explore. The Seat of the Quest level is one of the most challenging quests in this game. Gamers take days to cross this level. But you can show off your skills by crossing it in your first attempt, thanks to some secretly-placed Easter Eggs. Here's what you need to do.

1. Go to the Control Tower in the Seat of the Quest mission. Arrive at the beach and wait for Elly.

2. Talk to Elly after she arrives. She will tell you to wait for her at Pioneer 2. Follow her instructions.

3. Once she leaves, a Portal back will open slowly. However, you shouldn’t go inside. That's the mistake most gamers commit. If you want to unlock some Easter Eggs, follow her immediately as she starts walking away. She will head over to a different Portal, leading to Pioneer 2. Again, avoid this Portal. Soon the game will have a cut scene that shows you and Elly watching the Ocean. You will notice a message on your screen saying "Impossible to miss." Grab the Easter Eggs that come your way after this message.

Challenge Mode Unlockables

Phantasy Star Online 2 has plenty of challenge modes that allow you to earn extra points and money along the way. You can accumulate the money collected from challenge modes to affix your weapons also. However, most players use challenge modes to unlock various hidden weapons. As you complete different levels, you will notice that your dashboard adds different weapons that you can’t seem to unlock. You hover your mouse over them and they indicate that you need to finish several challenge modes to unlock them.

Although this is not a typical cheat or hack that will immediately take you to the next level or increase your character's power, it is definitely a tactic that many players fail to implement because they remain engrossed in playing the arcade levels. For example, you can unlock a Force Field if you obtain at least B-rank in one of the challenge modes.


These hacks can take your Phantasy Star Online 2 gaming experience to a different level altogether. Your friends will envy you once you tell them that you finished the game long back and you're playing it for the second time now.

It's possible that many different cheat features will be possible in the game to help you level up faster, farm better, and dominate in the game's PVP mode. Check back when on the game's release in NA & EU for Wallhax's PSO2 PC cheats!